Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Card Caddy Eileen Hull 3D Embossing Folder Holder

 Hello Eileen Hull Fans, I am here today with the Card Caddy which can hold 3D Embossing Holders! This month the Inspiration Team is working on the theme, Card Bonanza. This holder can be used to hold cards also & that was the idea for this post but I got really excited when I realized it makes the perfect decorated embossing folder holder. I am sure you can find other amazing ideas for this box as it is a great size!

*Affiliate- some of these companies have given me product to use, play & experiment with. The ideas are my own but I tend to work with companies whose products I like so enjoy the inspiration.  **some of these links are affiliate, I receive a small percentage from the company at no cost to you. This helps me deliver free content!

 Here is my finished project. This was a lot of fun to make and has sooooo many possibilities. Combine 3 in a row to make a larger holder, combine with other Eileen Hull Designs to make an organizer. Also it would be great for holding stamp sets, pens, and of course cards!

On with the show.. Start by cutting 4 sides for the box. On the 1st piece you will want to have all of the spine and about 3 3/4" of the back cover. The other 3 pieces you just need to cut the side & about 1" or so of the spine. I was inventing how to do this as I went so the instructions are a tiny bit different then the photo. Have the 1st piece be your bottom piece & the other pieces will be built on top of that one. Put strong glue like Redline & Ultra Bond on the flap and adhere to the 1st piece like building walls. Don't worry about gluing the sides at this point just that they line up. 

Adhere the next side in the same way. My base is just a tad bit short so yours will look a little different. 

The last piece I trimmed the sides of the flap a bit but not sure that was necessary. It made it fit smoothly & we will reinforce that. This was adhered the same way as the other pieces. 

Line up the edge of the sides and adhere using a strong wet glue like Ultra Bond. I used masking tape to help it hold while the glue was setting. 

Using the long side from the Skinny Mini Box I cut 4 of the longer sides. This will reinforce the box to make it nice & strong. 

Trim down the book sides to make them about 1" tall. Then trim the side that does not have the tab so it will fit inside the box. Add Redline Tape to the long & short tab. 

Push each piece down to the bottom of the box. This will make the box nice & solid. It doesn't look pretty but we will fix that.

I decided to add some decorative washi tape. This will stay on the project adding extra support and bonus the pattern will show through on some of the design. I also cut a piece that fit on the bottom to cover all the shenanigans. You will want to measure this as each box may have small differences in measurement. The mat board was covered in paper and simply pushed down into the bottom.

Time to decorate! The possibilities are endless. If you are using paper you can cover the mat board first to make assembly quick & easy. I like adding the paper later and leaving a wee boarder. This way the paper is not involved in assembly and can sometimes make the box come together better. Try both ways to see what you like best. For this box I wanted a mixed media look. Added Texture Paste on the front piece leaving a space in the middle for my butterfly. Set that aside to dry.  

While the box is drying, time to make the butterfly. I used quick cure resin and the newest Prima Mold. This resin sets in 15 minutes!

For the color I used Distress Spray Stains in browns, with a touch of orange & blue. While that was drying, went back to the butterfly.

The butterfly was painted with a coat of gesso 1st. This is important otherwise the paint will chip off. The gesso creates a foundation that keeps the layers together. I used Distress Paint in Salvaged Patina, Twisted Citron & Salt Water Taffy. Once dried it was adhered to the box using 3D glue by Prima. 


Next up was my favorite thing to do & that is add Luster Wax to make the images way more dynamic. A bit on a hard piece of foam & simply hit the high spots. 


For the sides and the quote Stamperia paper was used. I just love the images on their papers. Thanks so much for joining me today. If you aren't already make sure you join the Eileen Hull Fan Club on Facebook for lots of Live Video fun. Also check her blog to see all the inspiration my team mates have for you. Now go get inky!!

Supply List:

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Eileen Hull Chapter 3 Release 2022

Hello Eileen Hull fans, it is time for the newest release! Chapter 3 is full of awesome potential & the Inspiration Team has lots of ideas for you. There is a blog hop & prizes, hope you tune in tomorrow for the Facebook Live where the project samples will be shown and the usual shenanigans will ensue.You can read all about it below.


Here is my sneak peak, tutorials will be coming along in the next few months. I made a sideways Skinny Mini Art Journal, a duo of Skinny Mini Books, an  enlarged card box that fits the journals & a background or card front idea. There is also a few ideas using the 3D Embossing Folder inside the books. 

In Eileen's words..."I am so excited to share my Chapter 3 Sizzix die collection! Each piece in the set stands alone but also coordinates with the others to make a truly versatile and valuable addition to your collection.

The ScoreBoards Skinny Mini Book Box is a really great size- it measures 6 3/4" x 4" with an adjustable built in spine from 3/8" to 2 1/4". This die may be used to create a book by die cutting two covers OR a box if you add the side pieces to the covers. If you add the box supports, it will hold mini-slimline size cards.
The Skinny Mini Elements Thinlits will cut a cool star pattern that perfectly covers the front of the Skinny Mini book or the front of a slimline card. And you can also expand the size of the design to create a whole page pattern.
I have been wanting to make a Card Caddy die for a while... so many people are making cards these days that I figured that they would love to have the ability to make a really pretty container to hold them. I love the shape of this box and it goes together so quickly- also fun to decorate! It will hold cards up to 5 1/4" wide.
The 3D folder is called Woven Leather and it looks so realistic! Makes a great background for cards, journal pages or covers.
The team has been busy creating lots of samples so please make sure to read the blog and be watching social media to see their makes!
There will be prizes! Make sure to post your answer in the comments on the live. Ready? Here's the question: "Which is your favorite Ch. 3 die and what would you make with it?" Be specific- inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

To follow the blog hop simply go to Eileen's Blog & there will be  a list of all the gals inspiring ! 
Here is the link to Eileen's Facebook Page for the live. I may see you there! 
Happy Creating.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

It's Time To Travel!

Hello Fans of Eileen Hull it is time to travel! With so much of the world being opened up again let's make a Travel Journal. It could be used for older trips or ones that are upcoming, or a combination of both. This book has the space for 5 signatures & I plan on using it for 3-5 trips depending on the number of photos I take. Using my favorite book the Full Size Journal was a good place to start.
*Affiliate- some of these companies have given me product to use, play & experiment with. The ideas are my own but I tend to work with companies whose products I like so enjoy the inspiration.  **some of these links are affiliate, I receive a small percentage from the company at no cost to you. This helps me deliver free content! 

You can make this book in as little as a day, with these simple directions. However this book took me days & days to create. Creating involves lots of decisions, play time plus trial & error. As usual I got carried away so there are a lot of techniques. While my cover was drying, I would work on elements for the inside or the 1st travel booklet. If you want to make this book that is my suggestion but I will do my tutorial on the cover 1st. I also made  a few mistakes along the way so I will let you know what does not work, or an easier way to get the same result.

Start by cutting 2 pieces of the Full Size Journal (links to all supplies are below). You will need the bigger Sizzix machine, the Plus or Switch Plus for this. I just used card board for this. I covered the card board with gesso but I don't recommend this. It ended up being a mistake as what I forgot, Distress Oxide does not dry on a gessoed surface. Crazy right? To fix this I would cover the pieces with mix media or watercolor paper.
Next step was adding texture. I mixed some paint with crackle paint translucent. The great thing about this technique is you get the true color of the paint. Then added it through a stencil. I was thinking in hind sight to color the base first. The challenge was adding color after makes it difficult to keep the brown stencil image.

Next step was adding stencil images using modeling paste. I don't have a pic of this step. The stencil & postage image were white & set aside to dry. Once dry they were colored with distress spray stain & oxide. The stenciled images grabbed the color and the gesso part became a pastel, which then refused to dry fully. If you used paper instead you won't have this problem. I also came up with a solution to my problem, which I share when I get to that point.
I used stencil butter with a Stamperia stencil that was perfect for my theme. What I love about this product is it keeps it's shape even if the stencil is detailed.

Hot tip: while you have the stencil & paste out it is a good idea to create another piece. I covered a piece of scrapbook paper which I can use inside my book as a tuck or tip in. You can see here how fine & perfect the details are. This product is the reason for that crispness.
Once my covers were dry it was time to adhere them together. Just put a strip of Super Tape down one of the edges of the spine. Over lap the edge spines pieces & line up those middle set of holes. Easy peasy. You will go from 6 holes top & bottom to 5 holes.
I reinforced the spine with a piece of card board & then re-punched the holes. 
If you used paper to cover your books you can skip this next step. To fix the non drying Distress Oxide I painted those spots with like color Distress Paint. It still would not dry all the way, I figure as it was sliding around on the gesso. This was finally fixed by covering it with Collage Medium. It looks patchy but that will be fixed in the next step.

To help this area blend in better, stamping in different colors of archival ink were added. I used all kinds of travel type stamps. For the back cover. A fleur des lys was heat embossed in metallic gold on a piece of scrapbook paper & cut out. A few pieces of washi tape was a good base for this embellishment. 

I knew I wanted some hand made embellishments for the cover & also to use on the inside to travel things up. Started with the Snail Mail die Cut on a parchment type paper. 

Next step was to stamp the sectioned pieces with different colors of Archival Ink. 

 I pulled apart the sections & added small stamps & die cut images. This was just plain fun. For the 2 pieces that I used on the cover, they were embossed with UTEE.

 The postage stamp pieces were layered with some Tim Holtz ephemera. Love this cluster of travel fun! 
To finish up the cover some chipboard pieces from Stamperia Sir Vagabond Aviator were added. I also added the door hanger which will be part of my closure. This was from my stash & is an old 7Gypsies element. Always great to get some stash items used up with the new stuff! You can see that a clasp was used to clip on the ring of the door hanger. This will be my book closure.

Here is a picture of the clasp which was adhered with a jump ring to a chain. The challenge with making closures for these books is there is no way of knowing how long to make them. I don't yet know how big my book is going to get. I solved this by using a small safety pin on the chain which clips to a jump ring on the back of the book. Leaving extra chain dangling down means as my book grows I can just move the safety pin making the closure larger. Bonus is being able to add charms to the chain.


For the spine a piece of fabric was glued on using Ultra Hold Glue. Once dry the holes were re-punched. Elastic was added so my booklets can slide in & out. I added the beaded strips separately as the elastic is too fat for a lot of the beads I wanted to use. Thin but strong hemp was simply knotted on the inside of the book & a drop of glue on the knots to keep them solid. 
Here is a video to show you how to create the hidden spine. Then you simply add your beaded pieces with hemp or thinner cording. This way your signatures benefit from a strong elastic like 1mm, but you can still add a wide variety of beads to you project. This was a bit different then the way I did mine but their is video of this one so yay.
Of course the textured images were begging for Luster Wax. I added both the gold & rose gold with a hard piece of foam, only hitting the high points. A bit of wax was also added to the chipboard pieces. 
Let's give you some ideas for the inside of the book. I used more of the Stamperia collection. Cutting the papers to fit the inside covers. The pocket was made with a piece of acetate run through an embossing folder. The high points of this pocket were hit with some Salvaged Patina paint & Luster Wax. One of my postage stamps was added. I also left space for a title as I wasn't ready to commit.  

Here is a bit of a close up of the pocket, just nummy inkyness! Hot Tip: use Super Tape to adhere the pocket. It is the only thing I know of that will hold acetate. 

My 1st travel booklet has a combination of different papers but the cover is more of that luscious Stamperia. Well this post seems nice & long enough. I hope you get a chance to work on a book of your own. I have been posting more photos of this project on my Instagram if you want to check them out over there. 


Friday, June 24, 2022

K&S Precision Metal Blog Hop!

Hello Blogland, today I am bringing you an awesome metal embossed journal. Very honored to be included with a great group of designers who are hopping today. The blog hop list, sponsors & a list of supplies will be at the end of my post.

There are few things I love more then embossed metal, journals & ink. Putting these things together was a natural partnership. I also love color so using all the colors that were sent to me was just plain fun. For added effect alcohol inks were used to create even more color. Let's see how this journal was made. 

I started my project with a cereal box & the metals that were sent to me. Just love this rainbow of colors. These aluminum sheets are the perfect weight to be die cut or embossed.  Using Eileen Hull's Pocket Journal to cut the cereal boxes was a great place to start. The journal pieces were then put together using Redline Tape along the spine.

As I said embossed metal is just so striking, there is really nothing like it. I adhered the sheets to card board, using double sided adhesive. This gives them more strength which helps the embossed images stay put. 

 I knew I wanted all the colors on the cover & decided to create a patch work look. Cutting the 1st piece following the lines of the embossing folder gave me a starting point. I then drew the outline on a piece of paper to create a template. The template paper made it easy to draw the other shapes to cover my covers.

The paper template pieces were cut out. The paper templates were then adhered to the back of the embossed foil using Pixie Dots. These wonderful adhesive dots allow the paper to stay put while cutting the shapes out, then release easily without damaging the surface you are using. 

The 2 book cover surfaces were covered with double sided adhesive. This tape is really strong & great for using when you use it on the covers of albums that will be handled. This will make adhering the foil pieces to the cover easy peasy.

Once my pieces were all cut they were assembled on the covers of my journal. They didn't fit perfectly but that is ok. Some colored paste can be used to cover the gaps.

 Next step was to scuff up the metal. This will add dimension & texture to the images & help them pop. I used sand paper for this, you will want to be light handed to protect the embossing. For the silver piece I simply used one of the colors back sides.

When adding the silver piece was to bring in even more color. This portion was colored with alcohol ink. It took the color beautifully. Stream & Pitch Black were used. Simply dab the color on with a felt blending tool. 

 The plan was to cover the spine so use your favorite way to add elastic for the signatures to go in. I have a video showing how to string these books. Simply adjust depending on the number of holes. You can also just tie each signature in separately. The beauty of using elastic is your signatures can be removed to easily work in them.

You can see here my elastic cords are not even, as I said I wanted a covered spine so the elastics did not need to be tidy. This fabulous piece of fabric was glued to the spine area using Ultra Hold.


My book definitely needed some embellishments. The gears were cut using Sizzix bigz steel rule die. These were card board covered in foil & embossed then cut. For the moth like creature as the die is a thinlet & not as strong, card stock was covered to give it a little more strength but still be able to cut out. 

Some assembly required! The foiled embellishments were adhered to the cover. Then more details were added. The gears had some paint added on the high points just to add that patina look.  

Finally a chain was added with jump rings to the faucet knob. One end of it has a lobster claw for easy opening. Thanks so much to K&S Precision for including me in this hop. I hope you get a chance to play with these very versatile metals! 

 Very excited to be working with metal again, it has been ages & this is right up my alley. Was thrilled to receive these colored aluminum foils from K&S Precision Metals who are one of the sponsors of this blog hop. 

Another of our sponsors is Bella Crafts Publishing. Bringing lots of inspiration to you with their online magazine. "Bella Crafts is the #1 craft magazine that is always FREE for readers to view online or download. You will enjoy oodles of innovative and inspiring craft projects here. There is also a 20 Minute Craft section, when you think you don't have time to Craft...you will find these projects are oh so quick and easy to do...that you can find the time!"


Our final sponsor is  Designer Crafts Connection. "The Designer Crafts Connection is a group of premier Arts & Crafts industry designers who have joined together to share their creativity and design talents, to support and promote crafts in general, introduce readers to new project ideas, innovative manufacturer products, new trends and techniques and ultimately inspire creativity in others." You can find so much inspiration there. I hope you take the time to check out these fine companies! 



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