Monday, October 21, 2013

Magical Gelliplate Trilogy Class

If you are in the DC area & have always wanted to play with the gelliplate come take my Magical Gelliplate Trilogy class back by popular demand. Oct. 27th from 12-5pm.

Gelliplate is all the rage in both scrapbooking & especially art journal. Originating from the monoprint concept & seriously improving on it is the gelliplate. This is a fun unique class designed to give you a really strong base in the art of gelliprinting. Your journey will include over 20 ways to use your gelliplate. We will have enough prints to create 3 books. One is a cute board book that will be used as a reference/color combination guide. From this book you will be able to look back on the class & remember how to use your gelliplate & what your favorite color combinations are. The 2nd book is a spiral bound book that is filled with completed backgrounds you can use as an art journal, smash or mini-book. If you don’t like the papers I chose feel free to pick others from the store or bring your own. Book 3 is the coolest! A mini-canvas bound book which can be used however your imagination chooses to. I love this book! I see it as an awesome gift for someone, or to document an event or trip, favorite quotes, I see black & white photos… As an added bonus you will learn how to make these 3 books so you can make more!  Hence the title, magical & trilogy-this will definitely be a fun class! Once you have your gelliplate you will be able to use it over & over to inexpensively create amazing backgrounds for art journal, cards, scrapbook pages even project life! I am also planning a gelliplate2 class. Instructor:  Karen Bearse. For more information you can go to ScrapbooksPlus website.


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