Monday, May 24, 2021

IndigoBlu Tag Toppers for Topflight Stamps

Hello Topflight Stamp Adventurers! This week the Design Team is playing with all things IndigoBlu. I had so much fun last week creating my tabs for the sideways waterfall that continuing on that exploration seemed to be a good idea. Currently working on teaching an online Junk Journal class & thought, how about making some mixed media tag toppers? The supply list is below. Let's Go! *Affiliate- some of these companies have given me product to use, play & experiment with. The ideas are my own but I tend to work with companies whose products I like so enjoy the inspiration.  **some of these links are affiliate, I receive a small percentage from the company at no cost to you. This helps me deliver free content!

It became all about the tags. I made the toppers but of course they need something to go on top of.  So I added a bit of shenanigans to some tags for my toppers to have a home.

Look at how many cool images IndigoBlu has & these are just a few, go check out Topflight Stamps to see the whole catalog of these beautiful images.

I stamped my images & heat embossed with Burmese Jade embossing powder. I love using emboss to create. It just adds such a pop of something extra.

Here are the images I started with to create my toppers. Most of them were painted with a watercolor palette but you can use whatever you want to cover the images.

For the leaf, Infusions were used. Powder was tapped on a craft sheet & water was spritzed so I could use it as a water color. 

Here are my toppers all painted & ready to go. 

Now for the tags. 

Tag 1: Die cut a tag from patterned paper. Next stamp images around the edges. Add a die cut element that has the same colors. The topper was fussy cut out and adhered to the tag. 

Tag 2: So simple but has a big impact. These stamps are from the Shine Bright set. A Ranger tag was the base. The topper was simply painted with watercolor, cut in a rectangular & adhered to a piece of batik fabric. The topper was glued on & then stapled to add that metal interest.The sides of the tag were stamped using the edge of the circle stamp. The quote stamped on white card, cut out & adhered then edged with a pen. 


Tag 3: This tag packs a visual punch & bonus is interactive. I started with a size 8 tag that had been cut out with a die cut using patterned paper. The pattern is on the back of the tag & the white front was covered with a piece of Art by Marlene collage paper. The 2 topper pieces from the  Be Different set were used. One was used as the topper.

The larger abstract stamp as a pocket piece. The owl is just tucked into the pocket, I love that the top of the owl's head just peeks out. The quote from the set is stamped at the bottom.


The owl image is colored non-traditional colors & I love that, especially the pop of yellow on his head. This is one of my favorite all time stamps & comes from the set Autumn Nights set. The leaf that was used in Tag 1 as the topper & also the little leaves used as accents are from this set. Just because it is an autumn set does not mean it can't be used for summer.

The flip side of the owl is a journal spot with some doodle pen work. That is it for this week, I hope you get a chance to play along & get inky!


*remember using code karenbearse saves you 12% at Topflight Stamps you can go to that link to see pictures of the products used.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Sideways Waterfall Element for Junk Journal, Mini Albums or Cards.

Hello Topflight Stamp Fans, I am here today with a fun element you can put in your junk journal, mini album or even as an interactive element on a card. Eileen Hull has a new fun diecut that I have been playing with. You don't need this diecut to make a sideways waterfall, it just makes it easier. 

Here is the element in my newest mini album project that I am working on. I think I will be putting pictures of a day kayaking with the family. A lot of photos were taken & this is a great way to add many pictures in a limited space. 

Start by cutting out kraft card stock using the waterfall diecut. Or you can cut paper & score it at the top for the same effect. 

I like my edges distressed & French Navy is my new favorite Prism Ink. It went really well with the background paper. 

Layer the cut pieces adhering strong glue like Cosmic Shimmer to the edges and stagger the paper as you go.


Add some fun stamped edges as tabs. There was a lot of greenery on the river where we kayaked & even though I would have loved a kayak stamp these leaves worked really well to add cool decorative tabs to my project. If you are in a rush you can always just stamp on patterned paper. Color your stamped images however you like, color pencils were used on these leaves. 

Do you swatch your colors? I made a quick one to see what colors would work with my background. 

Once the images were colored, they were backed with patterned paper and then cut out. Remember the backside will be the reverse image. This was also stamped with whatever stamp covered the most area & then pen used to fill in the blanks. 

 The stamped images were glued to the sides of the papers. You can see I also added some butterflies that were just stamped on paper. The quote & paper is from Heidi Swapp.

Here is what the backside looks like, just a piece of the image peaking out. This gives room for a larger photo on these pages. 

The lower set, just such a fun addition!

Now all I need is to print some photos & add some journal spots. 12 spots on 1 page! For images of the products check out Topflight Stamps Blog. Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you get the chance to get inky. Remember to use karenbearse code to save 12%!


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fathers Day Beer Can Pocket Notebook The Cover

Hello Blogland, this month the Eileen Hull Inspiration team are playing with Unconventional Materials. I decided to make a beer journal for my husband for Father's Day, incorporating beer cans! Also some other unconventional ways to create the bands for the signatures & the closure which will have to be in a Part 2. If your hubby is not a beer drinker you could make it out of his favorite soda cans... wine also comes in cans now so that is an option for your favorite wine drinker to showcase their labels or winery tour photos.*Affiliate- some of these companies have given me product to use, play & experiment with. The ideas are my own but I tend to work with companies whose products I like so enjoy the inspiration.  **some of these links are affiliate, I receive a small percentage from the company at no cost to you. This helps me deliver free content!

  Here we go, I chose the Pocket Notebook as I thought the size was good for creating pages with beer labels that have been taken off the cans. Have you noticed that a lot of craft beer companies are now using an easy to take off adhesive label on their cans? This leaves the images intact & creates a sticker that is easy to adhere to paper. Perfect for some of the inside pages. 

Step 1: Using a pair of metal cutting scissor or clippers cut the top & bottom off the can carefully. You may want to wear work gloves as the edges of the metal is very sharp. I used a pair of Tim Holtz scissors that I had dinged up by cutting wire that was a bit thick. It does not seem to damage these further. The 1st cut can be a rough cut.

Step 2: Re-cut to remove the top bend of the can that creates the tube shape. This helps to tidy up your rough cut. Cut down along the side of the can, careful not to ruin the image or your fingers. 

Step 3: Trim the can into pieces or a bit larger than the size you want to use. For example, I wanted this to be for the pocket notebook. The can was cut 1/4" ish bigger than the cover horizontally. 

It was smaller vertically, so it was backed with Easy Cut Adhesive & paper, with another layer of easy cut adhesive. I did find this adhesive was by far better then anything else I tried. Now you have a choice, the can & paper are strong enough to be a cover, however you can also add a piece of mat board to give it that book quality strength. As my can did not fully cover the paper, mat board was added for strength. I feel these pieces are too thick to be cut in one go so can/paper/adhesive were cut as one then a separate mat board piece was cut. Remember to adhere your inside cover paper before you cut the mat board piece. Once that it done simply adhere the 2 pieces together. *Hot Tip: Fold the can portion along the score lines before adhering it to the mat board. It makes for a nicer crease. 

Next up the backside piece, which was made a bit differently. Multiple beer can images were used, so the back side was made with mat board & paper 1st. I had run out of Easy Cut so the paper was glued to the mat board using Ultra Bond with a Stencil Pal. I take the whole lid off and thump glued along the top edge then scrape it down to cover the paper. Use the other side of the pal to smooth down the paper onto the mat board and get rid of any air pockets. 

The cans were added after the back cover was cut. This really helped with placement as I was using multiple images.

Once the back cover was cut, a piece of the "Fear Movie Lions" can was added to cover some of the spine. There is a cool story on the can that needed to be incorporated. As I designed the words were covered so I will print out the story adding it somewhere in the book. The side can piece was scored & bent before being adhered to the back cover. I had run out of Easy Cut & found Glossy Accents was the way to adhere the can to the spine area. It is my go to glue for metal to paper. *Hot Tip: Back the can with paper before scoring if it is going to be on the spine edge. Also the glossy accents did not work nearly as well as the Easy Cut Adhesive just FYI.

Time to add the images! Once the Voodoo Ranger can was trimmed Redline Tape was adhered to the backside around the edges with glossy accents in the middle. The can was smoothed down with my fingers. It stuck to the paper really well this way.

At this point I encountered a bit of a challenge. My Voodoo Ranger was adhered very crooked which was bugging me. One of the ways to fix a crooked piece is to add objects to it so there are other things to look at which tricks the eye into thinking it may be straight! Washi tape was added around the edges & a triangle eyelet, copper wire with bead piece added some interest. The bicycle was punched out of the can & added. Now it looks pretty dang straight! 

The 2nd beer can image was too large so the elements were simply cut down to fit. Love the saying "cans are infinitely recyclable, very fitting. So many fun elements on beer cans! Some tiny attatcher staples were also added to help keep the Stone Beer can stay in place. That little stapler had no problem working through that metal + mat board!

Time to put the spine together! Add Red Line Tape to the overlap spine piece. Eyelets were also added for extra strength.

Have you ever used Eileen's Twist & Style tool? It is a great way to create a decorative wire string. I am in the process of making a video so you will see how to use it. Eileen has demoed it many times. 

Now for some decoration! Using beer cap elements was always part of the vision as they are so artsy especially some of the craft brews. I took a few of my husbands favorite beer companies & using a pair of needle nose pliers gently bent open the edge of the caps. 

Once the edges were to my liking, holes were punched with a bottle cap hole punch. They are the same as jewelry hole punch tools & have no problem punching through the cap.


Do you save these can tabs & think "I will use these for something, someday"? I do and the day is here!!! Who knew that some of these tabs have a cool punched image? The Stone Brewery tab has their logo punched. The tabs were colored with alcohol ink so they would stand out against the spine. 


Spine decoration time!!! Alright I am just going to talk through this quickly. The Stone Cap that is my focal image on the spine was punched with 3 holes, one on top & 2 on the bottom corners. Braided wire was run through the holes, then through the tabs & back, then twisted closed. Each piece was done this way. They have been adhered with many Zots so I will see how that holds. The thing I like about the Zots is they hold the pieces immediately so there is no sliding around.

I also added 2 more beer caps at the bottom twisting the wire through the holes & back up, then wrapping the wire around so it stays secure. I will also add a drop of glossy accents to each end piece to help it stay secure. 

 The last part of this tutorial was to add some cool gears to give the cover a little dimension & add some interest. Mat board was covered with Sizzix newest product Aluminum Metal sheets. Then die cut using a few industrial dies by Tim Holtz. Next these pieces were run through a 3D embossing folder to give a cool tech edge. My hubby is a tech guy so that was kinda perfect. Finally the high spots were hit with black acrylic paint using a hard foam piece.  

Oh my that was a marathon post!!!!! I am working on a video & will hopefully have that on my YouTube channel soon. You can subscribe here so you don't miss it! Thanks so much for joining me today!!! I hope you check out what my team mates have made & check in weekly as their is a lot of fun projects being made!

Supply List: 


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