Friday, May 17, 2019

Mini Art Journal Play with the 100 Day Project!!

Hello Inky Friends, today I have an over view of my 100 day project. In case you haven't heard of this it is a project to do art everyday for 100 days. I believe it was started on Instagram by Ella Luna. I do a version of this concept. I use the idea to get more fun personal play time in but I don't stress over the time frame. This is my 4th-ish year participating. 

For 2016 I finished 100 art journal pages. That was kinda crazy and it took me over a year to do it. I want to turn them into a couple of books at some point. For now they enjoy life in this fun basket. 

Here is a look at some of the pages from that collection from my Instagram account- karenbearse


Year 2- 2017 I decided I needed to go smaller. Art Cards were the way to go. I managed to get 67 done before bailing or rather finding something shinier to play with. They reside in this fun metal tin. 

I enjoy this process plus of course collecting pieces of art!!  The other positive is I am using up stuff from my stash!

Year 3- 2018, I went with mini art journal. Using Eileen Hull's passport die I started working on the inside pages with the idea of making the books later. Sadly I only got to Day 18. I had stepped up my teaching & design team work and just didn't have the time. 

Year 4ish-2019, I decided to just carry on from last year and continue on to finish. Remember the point of this to me is to create & have some fun playtime.
I am already designing for teams & classes...

I get to play & experiment with product too on a small scale. This is just plain fun.  If you want to check out my full collections you can see them all on my Instagram account.
I hope you get the chance to get inky today!!!


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