Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project Life Occasional Wednesdays.

Ok instead of Weekly Wednesdays which I announced I would do in a fit of insanity, lets start of with something less daunting like occasional Wednesdays so here you go Project Life Occasional Wednesdays #1.
Here are a couple of things I like to document in my project life which makes it very different from scrapbooking. 1: Products we use regularly, or we especially enjoy.  In this case I documented my allergy meds- an unfortunate necessity right now but a part of life that should be documented. 2: Books, movies and TV that we are currently watching. These also work as great fillers when I have a slow week with not as many photos as the previous week that may have been picture heavy.
Have you ever gone out to a restaurant or event and realize you wanted to take a photo but didn't? Sometimes it is refreshing to do a pocket with the restaurant logo, business card and what was ordered or a photo of the food. That way you still have the memory of your outing. Here is the pocket I used with the paper bag logo from Red Lobster.

 This is the full layout it is on. Love me some Project Life!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Year Art Journal Page

Ok so bad bad blogger. Life is crazy & hectic. With 3 kids finishing the school year, sports wrap up, all the banquets and parties that require volunteering the summer is finally here. Lots of time for laziness and creativity but wait. Instead there are classes to be designed, directions done, photos, billing... plus in splashes swim team season. Welcome to more volunteering, swim practices and meets. Hello where is my summer????? My kids are logging in 1000s of hours in the computer gaming world loving that I am too busy to kick them off, meanwhile I am cleaning and still running around like the crazy girl. Where is the time for day trips, board games, and vacation? Not to mention why is the hammock empty???? Why are I not in it sipping a margarita and reading Sookie Stackhouse's last book??? Oh right I am a M-O-M...
Today I forced myself to get some free art in. Art that is not for a class or someone else but for me. Stuck I was stuck starring at my page. Best way to get going is to do a contest, challenge... some of my best learning comes from participating in this kind of thing. Hence my page for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. Voila...

 You can find the prompt here. It was to use coffee rings so I made some using Art Anthology's Sorbet which gives it dimension and glitter. My page was dark (a pre-done background that I had no idea how to continue on) so I put my rings on book paper & cut them out. I used THoltz'z fabulous dies on some random art journal pages that I had saved for just that purpose-to cut up for a page. Highlighting them with white oil pastel helped them to pop off the page. The journal reads- "With life being so busy I spend the a.m drinking my first cup poolside at swim practice. I need to have my 2nd cup w/ a book or journal on the patio. Relax!"

I do need to remember that summer is only a short time in the year & I need to spend some down time with my family re-charging my batteries! What are you going to do to enjoy your summer more?


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