Monday, June 2, 2014

and the winners are...

Hi Inky Friends,

First off thanks for all the great comments from Patti Tolley Parrish fans- awesome! 

2nd- here is a quick background with my current stencil fav of Patti's- Outback. The paint behind the stencil is actually a wipe-off art journal page. I stenciled using one of my most favorites for stencil work- Viva Decor Modellier Creme (yes the spelling is correct) in mother of pearl. I love this product because it is thick enough to create the perfect image but drys within 15-20min. I find using an old credit card the best way to scrape the product on.

Sadly the camera doesn't pick up the cool glitter from the glimmer glam, this page is very metallic looking in real life. Thanks to everyone who left a comment!!! I will be doing some more Patti stencil giveaways so stay tuned....

Ok finally the winners are-drumroll please.......randomly selected # 4 & #24

Awesome tags Karen! I also love the Outback stencil, but all these designs are fantastic! :)

I love what you've done with the stencils! I don't remember when I first saw a video Patti made on YouTube, but I fell in love with her work and her personality. Wonderful tags!!

Congratulations!!! Please email me your addresses & I will get those stencils sent out to you.


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