Saturday, August 27, 2011

30 days con't

Here are some more layouts I did...I may have the order mixed up but-whatever- the important thing is to do the art-right? Carrying on with the 30day challenge.

July 25th- Inspired by Dyan's class (see the next day) I worked on my Design Team kit & did a layout that used the techniques I learned & some of Dyan's stamps- Dylusions. That's right the paper started out cream & black but I soon took care of that! Distress Stains were the order of the day, changing my back ground to a multifaceted blue/green. Just a quirky fun page.

July 24th I took a class with the awesome Dyan Reavely. It really was a privilege to be able to do this. We have very different styles but I learned some good distress stain technique & she also moved me in a different direction just a little bit which is fun. We made a book & it is still a work in progress but...I did way more than 30 minutes today-like hours & hours of fun.

Of course any friend of Tim's I must befriend & start stalking immediately! Dyan is the senior educator of Ranger in the UK-it was a fun, fun day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is the longest 30 days...

Ok for those of you just popping in I am continuing to blog my 30 days of art-the challenge by Tracy Bunkers. I just found out she lives in Lawrence, Kansas-home of Sam & Dean from Supernatural! The art I had no problem keeping up with it was blogging it all that got away from me but I continue to catch up...

July 21st-This page was inspired by the heat wave that is hitting the East Coast - days upon days of over 100 degree weather-hot, hot, hot baby! In was in fact hotter than Hell, Michigan that is...

Lots of glimmer mist on this over the stamping that was remnants of a previous layout. I had "stamped off" the acrylic paint. Perfect to mist over.

July 20th-started 3 backgrounds-worked on a tattered angels class that was very fun but UStream is not co-operating.

July 18-This art journal page was in my moleskin & I used glimmer mist so it is nice & shimmery. The page is about moving forward but be willing to do so at a strategic pace. I was inspired by Deborah Mahnken's page over on her blog. This layout is technique heavy with stencil work, stamping, chipboard... very fun!

July 17-I have been crazy for art journals lately-plus I have been playing with pan pastels. Love these! Creamy yummy goodness. The key is to spray workable fixative in between layers so your pastels don't smudge. You have to do this outside-the product is very smelly & wants to singe your nasal passages.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Still 30 days...

July 16th-The hummingbirds are back! Ya my sweet little friends have been very quiet so far. This is the time last summer when I put up the feeder & even though it has been hanging for a month there has not been a lot of activity. Today I got pictures of them while I was outside not 6 feet from the feeder. Here is just 1 of the many-they look very strange when they don't flap their wings.
July 15th-started with book paper randomly glued for the background, glued a magazine scrabble picture & glimmer misted. Added stamps & tag, title. This was one of those "feelings" pages.


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