Thursday, June 16, 2016

Coffee Everyday Chipboard Art Journal Page

Hello Inky Blogland, I have a full tutorial using the Coffee Everyday chipboard in an art journal page over on the Southern Ridge Trading Co. blog. Hop over to discover how I used Decofoil on both my chipboard piece and my art journal background! 

This page looks magical in the sunlight. I keep picking it up and moving it around to catch the different colors as it sits on my desk. Have a wonderful inky day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Darkness cannot drive out darkness: 
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate:
only love can do that.
 Martin Luther King, Jr
In the wake of the horrific shooting in Orlando, my heart is breaking for the families and the victims of the horrendous act of cowardice, prejudice and hate of one man. It piles up on top of all the hate crimes that have been sweeping the world. It is too much. I do art on this blog, that's it, just art but today I can't be silent. The news is full of finger pointing & politicking. People are trying to pin blame, anger is spilling out. As if any sane person could understand what would drive a young man living in a free country with a family & a roof over his head, to commit such an act. As if this could have been prevented. How? A resourceful person can commit atrocities period. We have seen it played out over & over in many different ways. What we need to do is come together. Help the families who are destroyed by this event. Teach our children this is not OK. This is never OK. We are all different but we all deserve to live and love. I have spilled my anger & sadness into my art. I feel the need to do more, and I will figure out what that means but for now...

I have been participating in the monthly contests over on Words & Paintery but, this month is not at all my color palette. Last night I saw the challenge again and it was the quote that struck me. I changed it slightly. This art journal page spilled out & is dedicated to the victims of Orlando. May the "light guide you home".  #prayfororlando.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Explore Nature Art Journal Card

Playing today in my 100 Day Project (post coming), creating an explore nature journal card. Using a cool stamp technique with Ann Butler products. I will be using some of Ann's stamps from Unity and her inks from Colorbox. The inks are designed to be used with fabric, wood & more, today I will be playing with paper. Can't wait to try them on fabric. They are juicy and I can see how they would work great on canvas. Her stamps are deeply etched & would be great in clay or modeling paste so I will need to play more! Here is my art card, followed by a quick tutorial.

I am also entering this in (SSS) SimonSaysStamps Monday Challenge. I have used their fun stamps as well, One With Nature set. The challenge this week is Summer Garden. If you want to play along they have 2 challenges a week & you can win a $50 gift card. Check out the blog here and the Monday challenge here. Now for my tutorial! 

I started my card by cutting the cover of a Sour Patch candy box. This will be going in my junque journal so I want to add ephemera of my current life & these are one of my favorite candies so I will leave the front and work on the back side.

Using that backside of the box, spraying with Glimmer Mist to put some color down. Ann's inks are super vibrant but I wanted a grungy look to my background so using yellow with a touch of light brown gave me a darker surface to create the effect I was going for. You can see a bit of the full color Aquamarine on the right edge of the card. If you check out my Instagram there is a quick video of me stamping.

I added ink on sketchy for the square pattern and stamped off first as I didn't want it to be too dark. Here with a sampling of Ann's stamps & inks.

To help you visualize the following technique here is how the SSS set comes. See how you have the background shape & the outline shape? The idea is to stamp your background in one color and the outline in another. This concept opens the door for many ways to use your stamps. Here are 2!

Now for the fun! I played around with the shapes in SSS set and created 2 different tree backgrounds.
 To create my pink background simply:
1. Ink up the background oval shape.
2. Stamp right on top of the oval shape with Ann's cool pattern stamp. This lifts the ink onto the pattern stamp but keeps it in that oval shape. You can see when I stamp it I have an oval of just the pattern. (upper stamped image)
3. Ink the tree outline stamp with black & stamp on top of the patterned oval to create the finished tree.
For the lime tree I used the lift off technique. (you can see this in the pink lower image)
1. Ink the matching background base stamp with Ann's Ink. 
2. Stamp a pattern with Anne's stamp on this background base stamp this time the idea is to lift the ink off the background stamp leaving just the pattern on. 
3. Stamp on white card stock.
4. Stamp the outline stamp on top using black ink to finish your tree.
I cut out the shaped part of the tree and adhered them on top of the stamped image on the art card. That way my tree trunks would show.

To finish my card I added Ann's stitch stamp around the edges. Doesn't it look machine stitched?  Then distress the edges with her Berry ink. The quote background is made using the square diamond from Ann's 1" Diamond & Plaid set from Unity. Her stamps have no edges so it is really easy to line them up! Simply ink with Aquamarine (see how pretty that color is) and stamp 3x in a row to create a cool background. Staple some leaves & voila! I hope you had fun with this tutorial. Leave me a comment with any questions or feedback & have yourself an inky day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Southern Ridge Trading Chippies Rock!

Playing today over on the Southern Ridge Trading Co. blog cause their chippies rock! I have been playing in "My Favorite Book Project" with this fun layout of my boys when they were younger. 

 Head on over there to get a mini tutorial of this page and please join in our monthly contest where you can win $20 of fun chippies!!!! They have really great designs and are a small in house company so you  are supporting small business also!


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