Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 Minutes of Fun Emerald Creek Style

Hello Inky Friends, today I present 10 minutes of fun. I have friends over on the Emerald Creek blog, they have a monthly challenge & I finally got the chance to jump in. The challenge this month was a quick ombre 10 minute project. Here is the tag I did.

The biggest challenge was to do this in only 10 minutes!! Holy crow that was tricky especially as I am a long, multiple technique crafter. I started with the back of a completed tag from the 100 day project. Swiped color using Distress Stain, a super quick way to get back ground color. Stamped the stem of the flower. Heat embossing the Dylusions big flower stamp on book paper and cutting it out ate up some time!!! 

Paused to take a photo. Oh oh time is already running out!!  

Heat embossed some clear powder in 3 areas to create texture and a resist - no idea why but it was panic time! Grabbed some background stamps and added random Distress Inked images. Spritzed with water to add some drops and smudging. Glued flower and quote and stamped flowers on the bottom- TIME!!! This was a fun way to get some quick crafting done. Stop by the Emerald Creek Dare Blog (this is the last day for this one) and join in next months challenge!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Playing with Kitty Cat Chippes

I have a fun canvas playing with kitty cat chippies over on the Southern Ridge Trading Co.. blog. It is a full tutorial but super easy to create a wonderful photo canvas.

I took these pics of my kitty cat Arwen and really wanted a fun wall piece. Come on over and see how easy it is to make one!  While you are there join in our monthly challenge and you can win free chippies!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 con't...

Hello tag lovers and inky friends! I thought I would do a quick post on the journal I have started for the Chemistry classes. Beginning with one of Tim's journal books, added in his large ring binder and some card stock. I don't use colored card stock very often but have a bunch so even thought I would have rather used some craft card stock decided to get rid of my stash. 

I will decorate my book cover when finished so this is all I have for now.  I simply added card stock and though started with burgundy had to switch to white as the darker tags were getting lost on the background. 

I used tickets to separate each day and will print out & add the technique sheets. On the backside of the ticket/tabs I am adding small talk.

I purposely kept this project simple to make it easy to add to. I will go back and do Chemistry 101 & 102 and simply pop more sheets in. I have to say this is an amazing class if you are interested in taking it go here. See my next post which has more info on the class here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Playing with Frog Art Journal

Hello Inky Friends. I have a post up today on Southern Ridge Trading Co.. How do you snazzy up a project and give it a fresh new feel?  

 Here is a sneak of one of the elements. However did I do that? You can check out the post here!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Playing with Chemistry103 or Tim Holtz Class Fun.

Hello Blog Land, I have been getting so inky playing with Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103 class & loving every minute. I have a confession to make. I didn't take Chem 101. I didn't take Chem 102. I had taken many of Tim's classes over the years, played & taught with the Ranger products to the extent that I felt like I didn't need to take the classes. Busy art journal teacher that I am. 
Creative Chemistry 103 Day 1

First off, if I had looked at the prices of the classes & just the sheer volume of information I would have. Hands down, I would have taken them way back when. To each thing in life there is a season & this is the season of Chemistry LOVE. I didn't so much procrastinate taking 101 & 102 this summer as it has just been the craziest, busiest summer ever. I have another confession. I only signed up for all 3 Chem classes on August 1st. 

Creative Chemistry Day 1 Tech 4

The hectic, crazy pace that was invading summer had a perfect week of let down so I knew I could put aside house hold cleaning catch up and garden weeding for one more week and spend time playing. I mean come on Mama needs some summer fun too!!

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 2 Tech 2

Fun it has been with a capital FFFFFFFUUUUUNNNN. I have used supplies I use all the time in a new way, I have dusted off supplies and re-discovered why I bought them in the first place. I have had an inky awesome time this week and learned a ton. 
Creative Chemistry Day 2 Tech 2

In fact it is really next week and I have a little time to play. I am only on day 3 but wanted to get a blog post done so this is where I am so far. My next post will have the book I am using to store all my new creations. If you are taking Tim's class which has been your favorite technique so far? If you aren't you should! You can sign up here.


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