Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 days of art...more art

Wow look at me blogging again so soon! Actually the last blog was only a couple of days ago but I had started it a week ago so look at me there is hope!

July 14th- This next layout was done as I fight to just be happy. I know I am not the only one who lets the day to day chaos get me down & lately I have been trying to turn that around. I am pausing to check my attitude & it is amazing that you can just turn on the happiness. While doing the daily drudgery like dishes I put some music on & just enjoy the chore. It is not always easy & I am just getting started but hopefully... I had just got these new bird stamps from Lost Coast Designs & wanted to use them.
July 13th- This journal page was a copy of Donna Downey's inspiration Wednesday. I watch these videos to learn techniques...but don't often copy them. I usually end up with something completely different. On this day I was tired & just wanted to get something on paper. It had been storming lately & while I was working a huge thunder storm was going on.
July12th-I finished the layout I started while sitting on the beach. My kids had been playing in the water & I got some great shots of them doing their cirque de soleil routine. I printed the photo out in paper & added it to my background.

I totally love it! Rub-ons were added & the words had been done 1st so the placement isn't great. My son asked why his arm pit was talking. The title really pops because i outlined the stickers with a black marker. Fun in the sun!
Ok catching up-yay for me small victory!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art, art everywhere some art.

Okay so I have been doing my "30 days of art" everyday just challenged in photographing & posting. I will do this in a couple of posts to catch up. I may not get them in the right order but WHATEVER- the point is the art, the blogging I will get better somehow!

July 11th-We spent the day at the beach & I art journaled in the sun-awesome! I started some backgrounds mainly. My main art today is a scrapsprint layout I did when I got home. It is from my ScrapbooksPlus DT buddy Deborah. She also got me using hipstamatic on my hubbies iphone-way cool! Here is the layout she did of us on the way to Inspired: