Friday, March 30, 2012

I am Dylusional!

I have been super lucky enough to take 2 of Dyan Reavely's classes. I was playing with her new stamps & sprays so this layout is reflective of that. Lots of sprays, stencils, stamps of course Dylusion sprays. Her spays are super vibrant-my camera settings are 0ff unfortunately & everything is under exposed till I have the TIME to fix it-trust me her sprays are crazy vibrant-love em! Here is what is behind the tag flip...

unfortunately I wasn't paying attention & my upper flap is upside down! I only did that so I could teach you that we need to pay attention to direction! Yes on purpose... loving art journaling! Go make some art!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mix Media Class

This is the cover of a class I taught over the weekend at CropsPlus in VA. It was a really fun, fast paced class with tons of inking going on. We made the book & completed 3 full art journal spreads while learning a good formula for creating a finished page. I will be teaching this class again at ScrapbooksPlus in Chantilly, VA in the next couple of months. You can actually choose whatever color scheme you want for the cover! I'll keep you posted on dates.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crayon Time!

I have been neglecting my scrapbooking for art journal & decided to remedy that. I have all these photos from Belize that are begging to be put to page. Coming along at just the right moment was a post from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer with this cool crayon technique. I used a stencil & followed right along. Belize was done with a white crayon & stencil. I painted on a strip of Dylusion's sprays which are perfect for this technique-such a vibrant color! Julie's cool crafters workshop lotus stencil was done with oil pastel. I sprayed glimmer mist over this-much more vibrant & shimmery-the photo doesn't do it justice! Definitely fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smash Book

This is a page out of my composition/smash book. It is where I write down (some days) what is going on at home, life, kids...helps me remember for art journal & scrap book pages what to write. I also paste stuff in it, like cool organization ideas, photos of my favorite movies... I got tired of it looking very average so I did this art journal page. The concept was to make a page look like a tag, just a bigger scale version. I love how this turned out, you can see some of the shimmer but it is very shimmery in real life. Just lots of color, and tons of stamps. Fun to do, in fact I may have to go do another one... now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This page took a long time to evolve, even though it is fairly simple. I had started by playing with a glimmer mist background. It sat like that for quite awhile. One day I was playing with my stencils & added the glimmer mist stencil circles. Sat, & sat. I wiped off some stamps on it which because they were a light color they blended into the background. It sat for months. Waiting for something...

This stamp set of Dyan Reaveley's apparently because this stamp spoke to me out loud & told me what my page needed!

Amazingly while most of Dyans products scream color to me this stamp looks amazing white. I added some Portfolio Oil Pastel around the edge & blended it in to add some depth. Next I invented my new most favorite technique. I'm sure other people have done it.... but I had never & I had never seen it so I am claiming it! I am not a good doodler-I am working on it, getting better, one day I may be awesome but today is not that day. I found a short cut that I love because I also am not great at lettering-yet.

I printed out the font from my computer -(I think it is Benny Bianco). I stamped right on top of the lettering with archival ink using the same stamp. It creates all these cool doodling spots!!! Next I cut the letters out & painted them with watercolor paint. Shazam awesome doodle letters! I adhered with decoupage glue- my favorite is Decoart- & outlined the left side & bottom of the letters with the oil pastel... It feels done but who knows? Maybe 2 months from now it will tell me it wants something else!


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