Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Slammin it lately!!!! Of course because I need to be designing classes so I am avoiding (procrastinators unite-tomorrow). This is my art journal page for this bi-monthly A Year in the Life...challenge. This time we had to take a "mug" shot of our favorite quote. Conveniently mine is actually on a coffee cup! I took the photo in front of the rainy window with my fxcamera. Than used a yellow filter so I started with a cool looking pic. Next we were supposed to print it out on book paper. I choose to make my words upside down so they would be less distracting. Than layers and layers of gelato, stamping, and acrylic stenciling. More stamping -love it!!! At one point I thought it was heading toward hot mess but I think it turned out cool. I didn't want to add any embellishments because this is a moleskin & I am a bit worried about adding bulk. I tell you it was hard not to add anything wood or metal on there but....what are you working on today???


  1. The splashes of bright color are totally cool!! And I love that your quote IS your mug!! :)

  2. This is super cool, love it!!! THanks for playing along with us!!



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