Friday, March 1, 2013

Follow Up Friday #3 & Inspired By!


 Today's installment is an inky mess'o fun. I have wanted to use a more inky look on my scrap book pages. I mean I use ink regularly but I wanted to up the quota. I came across this Aussie artist's blog thepaintbrushgoesspottie & she gave me the perfect opportunity to both follow up#3 & be inspired by#2. I love this layout just covered in stenciling, stamping etc. I pretty much stuck to her original which is rare for me.
 Usually my scraplifts end up completely different than the original. This one is more a copy. I thought this was the perfect background for a lacrosse photo with it's grungy masculine feel. All I had to do was omit the butterfly & flowers, bam boy layout. My favorite part of this is the circles. It uses one of my favorite shadowing techniques. I used my soft pastels for the first time on this part. I think I like it! I am thinking I may do more artjournal/scrap layouts-stay tuned!


  1. I can see why the original caught your eye...and your did a great job with yours. This is just awesome!



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