Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Year in the Life #2

Here is my page for the Year in a Life challenge. The prompt was rainy day-journal what that means to you & drip paint. Wow it was a challenge to get this in on time!!! I did this layout over a period of days, working on classes... being sick, doing that mom carpool thing & kept coming back to it. One of the days I was feeling very silly, mainly due to some meds for an ear infection. That is where the spiders, and happy red eye tree frog came into play. These stamps are mainly Dyan Reaveley-love them! There is lots of inky goodness on this page and it is very sparkly which of course is hard to see on camera.One of my favorites is the way the rain drops turned, out using oil pastels to highlight them. Things were going well until I went one step too far & did some drippage. While normally I love this look it just wasn't working. I was making a bit of a mess. 
Darn, don't you hate when you do that "1" too many thing? I decided to try & fix it by cutting out rain drops from book print, coloring them with glaze, spritz with glimmer mist, sewed around the edges & plunked them onto the messes. I had planned vaguely to do something like that anyway but I like how they helped clean up my mess a bit. 

Another part I like is incorporating Madonna's lyrics. Using lyrics helps to remember favorite songs which tends to spark a memory for me. I also did this big rain drop with dew drops & seed beads inside of it. It looks very cool live, adding that extra dimension that is fun. Of course after the drippage it looked neat coming from the drop except now it could be a tree rather than a rain drop. Ah I like that it is viewers choice!
I may add more of the squiggly music paper stamping (you can see it behind froggy). Using distress stain gave it a watercolor background look. I may distress the edges of the entire thing in light black also.The journaling says: "One of my favorite rain memories was in Germany, 1987 at the World Championships. Dawn and I went for a pre-competition jog. The scenery was beautiful & we were running on a grassy hillside in Germany! Suddenly it started to rain, a lovely warm summer rain. It was surreal & remains one of my favorite rainy day memories."

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