Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Blathering

Ok so I know that is a Donna Downeyism, I just really like the way it sounds. If you like me have a "focus issue" or feel like you ping pong through life going from one thought to another. Maybe this will help. I have learned that sometimes it's ok to just go with it-especially when I am art journaling or don't have a pressing deadline. Here is a photo of what I am working on now. Yes about 5 different things & taking photos (hence the camera clip in). I am going from one to the other as the change of mind hits me. I actually get a lot done this way instead of being frustrated starring at what I am working on, while my brain goes in 50 other directions. I also keep a pad beside me so I can jot down my random thoughts otherwise I lose the idea forever in the either. "Life is busy so stay awake for it!" (Caribou coffee napkin).
OK so here is my page I did with my cool new stamp I made. Tip: My stamped image didn't turn out so well but now that I have used it a bit it is taking the ink much better. I am taking an art journal class that is inspiring me to journal everyday even for a little. The color was an example from the class-take color wash spray from Ranger & spritz the edge, spray with water & let it run holding the book up. Creates a nice watercolor effect. Now go create!

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