Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here you go the last few days of procrastination is complete. Now I will try & get my blogging act together!!!

July 30th-ok here is a compilation of incomplete pages. That is what art journaling can be about, I get an idea, start a page & move on to something else. It could be another page or those 10,000 things I have to get done in a day. The page is started & there to be worked on the next time it grabs my attention. My life is chaotic & so are my journals but that is ok- just go with it! Hooray 30 days of art is officially in the blog. I learned that I have no problem getting the art done it is keeping up with the blogging that is a challenge for me. That,s ok!!! Movin on!

July 29th-This is a bit of a cheat. I didn't write down what I did but I know I did it! So this layout was started way back at the beginning of July but took a lot of work, stop, work. It counts! This page was inspired by Teesha Moores Utube series. Go from the painted video to collage (4parts) to journal page (4parts). There is a video missing along the way-I think it is the last one, but you can do it anyway. I love this layout cause it is so far out of the box for me I can hardly stand it. My favorite part is the Geico Gecko at the base of the butterfly. Couldn't bear to alter him he is perfect. The mushrooms were actually a part of a stamp by Outlines, very cool. Most of the pen work is the Sharpie Poster Paints which work fantastically!

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