Thursday, October 7, 2021

Video Tutorial for Mixed Media Stamp Storage Box!

 Hello Maker Fans, I have a 2 part video up for you on my YouTube Channel. It is a play along with me & we are making my recent Mixed Media Stamp Storage Box! For all the links to products in general that were used & step out photos go here.

Link To Video Part 1

Part 1: Building the base of the box, measurements, how to assemble. Also adding the 1st layer of decoupage, book text & how to add decorative napkin images. I will also show the original item made with this die cut. 

Link To Video Part 2

Part 2: Continuing to build the imagery. Decoupage, stamping, painting. A quick tutorial on using Eileen's postage stamps by Maker's Forte. Lots of tips & tricks to cover up mistakes & edges etc. I hope you make one!! Let me know in comments if you do especially if you put it on social media I will pop in & comment. Have a lovely inky day!

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