Monday, January 20, 2020

Making the Coolest Postage Stamps with Carabelle Studios

Hello stamping fans, I am here with my Topflight Stamps Mix Media Monday!! This week the Design Team are playing with the Carabelle Studios "My Stamp". This is such a great idea!!!! It allows you to make your own postage stamps. 

SO 1st off I flipping love this system. I was literally in the process of making my own stamps when this came out. I made 3 stamps for this post & will show ideas on how to use them. They were made with the same technique just slight variations. Yet the results are subtly different. 

Let me explain the "My Stamp" system. Start with the base which is called "My Stamp". I stamped the full image but you also have the option to make much larger stamps using the frame edge, & repeating it. I so can't wait to play with that one!

Next there are many strips of stamps that will make the middle of the stamp for you. Not going to lie I squealed like a little girl when I saw these. I got "Fantasy", they come with 8 stamps that can be used as the main image. Don't forget you can also use them as stand alone stamps!  You can check out a few of the options here.

I started by stamping the images on card stock paper with archival ink, then cutting it out. For Tuba Playing Card lady I colored her in with colored pencils.  Next the edges were distressed with Prism Ink in Roasted Coffee. 

Stamp 2 was stamped in multiple colors of archival ink using a Stamp Press. I started the  bunny fur in brown- simply mask off the face & stamp the rest in black. 

Next color in with watercolor paint & when dry outline the bunny head in black to make it pop.  

I cut out this frame with normal scissors & then cut it out again using postage edged scissors. Which edge do you like best? I really hope Carabelle Studios come out with a die cut that will cut the image out.

Now for the magic. Simply cover the stamp image with Embossing Ink & cover in Vintage Beeswax embossing powder. Shake off the extra & put back into the jar & heat. You will get this lovely vintage faux encaustic shiny look.

The 3rd stamp was made by stamping on book paper. The background of this stamp already has the music notes on it so I ended up with it looking like it was on music paper- kinda fun! It was painted with water color also & then embossed with the Vintage Beeswax emboss. 

Now how to use them, 1st: The butterfly man I used as a closure for an envelope. Simply put tape along the bottom of the stamp & line it up on your envelope so the flap tucks inside the stamp & holds it shut.

2nd:  Tuba playing card lady I added glue on 3 sides & made a small pocket to put a tag in. This would be great to use in a mini art journal or scrap book.  You can also of course use them as an image for a card or art journal page. I hope you enjoy this little postage stamp tutorial & you get a chance to play with this system. Remember if you use my name karenbearse code you save $$$! Have an inky great day.

Supply List:
Carabelle Studios: My Stamp, Fantasy Labels
Prism Ink Roasted Coffee
Seth Apter Vintage Beeswax emboss by Emerald Creek 
Digital tag image by Love Junk Journals Fox Creative


  1. I am obsessed with these!!! -katkard (See ya in class!)

  2. I love this stamp (postage one) I just bought it recently when I found out that Joggles in the US carried it. I've cut out many by hand, so yes, a die would be awesome.

    1. I totally forgot to ask at Creativation if they were coming out with a die! Dang it. Hopefully!

  3. I really, really love the one you stamped on book paper! Another vote for a matching die here!

    1. Thanks & yes a die would make it so much better!

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