Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Eileen Hull Display Stand Release!!!

Happy New Year & with it brings new Eileen Hull die cuts by Sizzix! This whole month the team will be showing the newest dies with brilliant ways to use them! First up is the Display Stand. This is an XL die that works in the Big Shot, Vagabond... It cuts in one piece & can be flattened to send in the mail or for easy transport.

I really wanted a stand that could have multiple functions as the winter months go by. This way I can change what it is holding to fit either a calendar, photo, canvas or even decorative tags & projects. 

Let's go!!! The stand cuts & scors and makes for pretty easy assembly. I ran mat board through 1st. Then I added adhesive to the part that will be the back stop & the ledge using double sided adhesive & foil.

I ran this through a snow embossing folder. This folder is discontinued but you may already have it or could use the newer 3-D version for a similar look. 

Whatever you decide to cover you stand in, paper, ink or foil remember that the edges will show unless the edges are wrapped, colored or inked. I did a bit of both. Some of the edges had foil wrapped around the edges, some were inked with a silver paint pen. 

This was my 1st time playing with the Display Stand, so I have some tips for you. The front of the stand is a bit smaller than the back so you will need something to cover the mat board or your stand will have a white edge. I added glitter washi tape. This made the perfect edging for my project.  

I loved the color of the foils I choose but decided to add some purple to the Lapis Watercolor foil. This is also a great way to cover any mistakes that may have occurred along the way.  

If you would like to see the basics of playing with foil & adhesive you can check out my video here. 

To assemble the stand simply bend at the scored areas. Take the w shaped flap & bend it then push it through the gap. 

Keep pushing the piece through sliding the "W" portion pushing the stand piece back, 

until the middle of the W clips into the tabbed hole. 

Then simply bend over the flap front bringing it down toward that same gap. It will clip into the base quite nicely.

I added a lip to the edge of the stand so any paper or tags would easily stay put. This also gave me a place to add my flocked snowflake. It was made with layers of card stock, adhesive & flocking then simply die cut. The layers were too thick to cut through but made for a very cool embossed look. I didn't use the flock the way it is intended as I thought the die too delicate to mess with.  

I hope you get a chance to check what my teammates have come up with & be sure to check back this month as it is reveal month! Creativation is mid January so we will be up to all sorts of crafty shenanigans. Until next time- spend some time getting inky!

Eileen Hull Display Stand 
               - Double Sided Adhesive
Snowflake embossing folder
Foil Transfer Sheets in Lapis Watercolor & Rainbow Shattered Glass. 
Flock Transfer Sheets in Blue Sky
Stamps by Darkroom Door
Embossing by Emerald Creek 
 *Affiliate- some of these companies have given me product to use, play & experiment with. The ideas are my own but I tend to work with companies whose products I like so enjoy the inspiration.


  1. What wonderful shiny winter colors on your versatile display stand Karen - perfect for displaying or stacking many items!

  2. Love your stand Karen - gorgeous colours and I am sure will be well used. Have been having fun decorating mine today too! x

    1. Thanks so much Jennie- I will admit I am amazed at how versatile this is going to be!

  3. Cool embossed and inky stand! Have to try it! Great tips and assembly instructions!

  4. Super cool, love the foil embossing technique has created such rich colors! FABULOUS!!!



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