Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inspired By #1

 As I continue my quest to blog more, art more, do more, another feature is created. I get a lot of my kick start on line from blogs, favorite designers... As I mentioned the other day scrap lifting is a great way to get that creative mojo flowing. I decided to showcase where my inspiration comes from, hence "Inspired By" is born. A lot of the time the inspiration just gets me going in one direction but the end result is totally different than what I was inspired by. Sometimes it is very similar, you be the judge. Today's inspiration comes from Ronda Palazzari & her blog Help Me Ronda.
Ronda Palazzari Grow Art Journal

Her is the art journal page she did- fairly simple but colorful-lots of stencils and a tag what is not to love?
Here is my take on it: 

 Of course you can see the similarities- lots of stenciling a few colors that are all warm (Ronda's are cool) the cute tag. The differences-I added some sewn circles and my main words of my quote are stickers. The orange paint is also crackle paint, which adds some texture. My tag and the circles are cool colors to create contrast. Do you see how her page definitely inspired me but I went in a different direction. I would call this an original,  what do you think?


  1. This is a great page, Karen, and a fabulous idea for a recurring blog feature. Love your spin on Ronda's pages!

  2. Great page and i love that you made it your own. Beautiful colors!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments~!



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