Friday, December 9, 2011

Tim's Tags Day 9!

Phew got this one done under the wire! I was busily making my tag when one of my kids started throwing up. Needless to say, kid trumps tag. I am trying to be the good sympathetic Mom as I am freaking out in my head-my tag, my tag!!! Got him off to bed feeling better & zoomed, sprinted & threw things on. "It's not finished in the classical sense" Hugh Grant-Music & Lyrics. I will post a 2nd photo when I finish, just had to get it done by midnight! Here is Tim's link!


  1. Isn't that angel stamp great? It looks fab here and I love the way you colored it in. Sorry your child is sick...that time of year!

  2. So very pretty - I love your interpretation of the tag - fab!



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