Friday, July 5, 2019

Eileen Hull Embossed Notebook by Karen Bearse Designs

Hello Blogland, today I am making an embossed notebook for my Eileen Hull Inspiration Team post. This book was so much fun to make, when I finished it I just wanted to turn around & make another. I will keep you posted if I do!!! 

This project showcases Clearsnap Ink, the company that makes Colorboxblends original & 2 for Eileen. Let's get started!!

Start by cutting an Eileen Hull notebook by Sizzix out of mat board. Run it through an embossing folder. 

Using Colorblends2, color the cover & back of the notebook. Just put a smallish drop on your craft mat & dab it on. You can add a bit of water if you like, to help the colors blend where they meet. The beauty of Colorblends, it is easy to control the depth of color. If a pastel is what you like do a light coat. If you like bold as in my sample, simply use more ink or do an extra coat of color.

Put a dab (lima bean size, a little goes a long way) & using a piece of stiff foam (like kids fun foam) put a small amount on the foam & run it lightly across the top of the raised areas hitting the high points. I like using a metallic for this like Copper in the Colorblends 2. I have been on an embossing kick & lucky for me Eileen has embossing powders with Emerald Creek now....very convenient & also fun!!!

Heat set the ink. This may take a bit of time,  one of the bonuses of this ink is the open dry time but that makes it more of a challenge to get it to set. If you emboss directly on the ink, the emboss seals it in, which means it does not set properly & the emboss can chip off. Heat setting solves this issue. Simply add Colorblend 2 Clear on top of the high points the same way. Then pour the Glistening Glass on top, tap off excess & put back in the bottle. Heat set until the crystals are all melted using an embossing heat gun.

I love the the look, the emboss makes the flowers have this shiny, wet or Glistening look.

Cut a piece of sticky back canvas that is about 1/2" wider than the spine. Cover it with Clear ColorBlends 2 using a piece of foam. Pour on Aqua Splash & tap off excess, heat set. Once that has cooled I distressed the edges using Navy. Adhere the canvas onto the book spine.

Stamp carefully using a permanent ink, the surface is slippery. Let ink dry well. Sponge on Clear Colorblends2 carefully, try not to smudge stamping. Add  a layer of Glistening Glass, heat set, while embossing sprinkle Golden Rod, heat setting as you sprinkle.

I decided I wanted beads & on my spine. Punch holes using a cropodile about 1/2" from the top & bottom. You can decide to make 1 or 2 signatures. I am using elastic so I can easily pull my pages out to work on them. Once my pages are complete I may change the elastic to wax linen thread to make the pages sturdier. 

Lastly I added a closure. using different color cords and stringing different beads & charms on the cords. They were attached through a brad on the back of the book with a simple knot, leaving room to expand my closure if needed. 

The closure on the front is a ring and the hummingbird charm goes through the ring to close the book (toggle clasp style). My signatures are made from scrapbook paper. I originally wanted to add ephemera & flowers to the cover but it is so pretty I just decided to leave it plain for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I hope you get a chance to make an embossed notebook soon! Cheers!


  1. Karen, it is lovely, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for taking a look Thelma!

  2. Another stunner my dear friend, the embossed flowers stand out so beautifully and I love how you added the spine. The beads and the closure are brilliant - love them so much. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Thanks so much Anne!!! You rock. hugz right back

  4. Karen this came out so amazingly! Love all the tips, especially love that hummingbird closure ❤️

  5. Karen, this book is stunning! Beautiful!!!

  6. so so pretty! You know I love the colors :-)



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