Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Making a Resin Bumble Bee

Welcome to a quick tip on how to make a resin bumble bee. Usually when I play with resin I almost always have left over. Rather then waste it pouring into an available mold always is the better option. That leaves me with a container of finished resin pieces so when a quick embellishment is needed they are ready for the picking. 

I will have an upcoming post on how to pour resin into molds. Please read the resin directions included in the box. Not all resins are mixed the same way & that will help avoid mistakes.

Simply paint your piece using black gesso. This is better for resin then acrylic paint as it has more tooth & is designed to adhere to your substrate. Let it dry naturally. I don't use a heat gun when working with my cured resin pieces. 

Last step was to color my cutie using a combination of metallic paint & wax. I used Finnabair Art Alchemy products by Prima. Simply paint the bee & when it is dry add some wax to give it extra shimmer. That is it super simple embellishment. 

I adhered him to the edge of a stamped flip card in My Favorite Book to use as a tab. Check back tomorrow to see the full page. You can see the tutorial of the project where he landed here. Thanks for joining me for this quick tutorial & I hope you get the chance to play with left over resin soon!!!

Resin by Resin Obsession
Mold by Plaid
Metallic paint & was by Prima.


  1. What a great idea! I hate wasting resin too.

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