Sunday, September 8, 2013


It has been awhile since I have done any challenges...but that is on my list of resolutions so as a New New Year is rapidly approaching-better get on it!!! Day 1 of my LSNED this Daniel Torrente stamp was absolutely perfect for my quote. Love this little creepy mermaid stamp!
I did this for the Stampotique challenge this week-it has 4 layers-paper, tag, stickers, washi tape. 
I am a fairly patient Mom and love hanging with my 3 wonderful, crazy, eclectic children but...The story on the other side of the layout, was about being at a museum with my kids on our 3rd day of vacation. My 2 youngest have a love/annoy relationship. They get along great until they don't and they feel the need to constantly, non-stop criticize, correct, or challenge (yes I call them the 3 c's) every time either of them opens their mouth. It gets old. I had just spent 30 minutes with my very unhappy daughter at the Gettysburg military boutique looking at all the non-pink "boys stuff"while the boys saw the war movie. The boys joined us in the boutique. My 2 start in immediately on each other commentating on everything they see. She thinks it's cool- he disses it, he comments on it- she corrects him etc. The straw that broke my camels back was when we were leaving the boutique, my 9yr old daughter pointed out the cool never ending pencil and my 15 year old felt the need to mention that it would in fact end at some point if you used  it continually. I am surprised my brain matter did not in fact explode against the walls of the museum. The need to be anywhere but with my 2 delightful and wonderful offspring was immediate. I blasted them with inspiring words of love and encouragement than told them I could not be anywhere near the 2 of them at this moment & stormed out of the museum. It was a glorious exit with all 3 of my children starring at me in shock & awe. Of course my daughter followed me out, confused by my need for solitude. I only needed one minute of deep breathing, I went back in and told the 2 chronic debaters they were not to be within 10 feet of each other the rest of the visit. So you see the lesson I did learn that day was "even Mom's lose their cool".


  1. Well done for making your point!! Kids eh?
    Love your page and the fact you made something beautiful from your stress! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique.

  2. Art is just such a wonderful "mood enhancer," don't you think? ;-) Nicely choreographed WARNING. Made me laugh!

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