Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LSNED 3 Green Thumb

Not shockingly falling seriously behind in well, everything-ah the life in September!!! Just a quick post to get my Shimelle class LSNED pages going. Sept.3rd I was reveling in my new fabulous purchase of Hardy Hibiscus. I had bought a small plant and fell in love. I killed it by not transplanting it but I also thought as it was a hibiscus it wouldn't make it outside anyway. While winery hopping in PA I saw a fabulous flower garden filled with huge towering bushes of these same flowers. Discovering they did grow in this area-I was ecstatic! Even more when I found 2 of these plants at Home Depot of all places. 
 The flowers are about 10 inches in diameter- I KNOW RIGHT!!!!! My journal side was about how I used to have the black thumb of doom and kill all my flowers. Now I am slowly being able to plant, water, grow-it sounds so simple! I managed to get these in the ground, they have been alive for 2 weeks & doing really well. I can look out at one of them from my scrap book room window & see the flowers-makes me sooooo happy. 
SAD UPDATE- the bloody deer have come & eaten off all 10 of the buds on this plant- devastated!!!!! The plant still looks great but no frickin flowers!!!! Me now hates deer precious.

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