Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tim Holtz Was Here!!!!

ScrapbooksPlus Art Journal Club plus Mario, and Tim-photos by Laura and her faithful camera.

 Those of you who know me know I love Tim Holtz- heck Tim knows I love Tim Holtz. Yes I told him the last time I saw him. The art journal club I run counts the number of times I say his name in a class. This is not a crazy stalker love (well it used to be but...I've grown) it is a wow- you are awesome kinda love. Awesome teacher, awesome designer, can I just stand next to you, so some of it will rub off? I had the chance to take Tim's classes at the Queens Ink in Md in August and yes you guessed it- awesome! Aside from his classes being crazy fun, filled to the brim with great instruction (trust me I already know a ton about the ranger products but I still learned) and super entertaining. Yes that's right entertaining- stories of hilarious mishaps in crafting. Even in a class of 100 students Tim manages to be accessible. You would think you wouldn't get to say word one but he is always around to give a comment or tell a story or answer a question.  He patiently and thoroughly answered all my teaching questions, trust me there were a few.

 Here Tim is telling me my project is "perfect" that's right Tim told me I was perfect...(listen I take it where I can get it). Luckily my friend Laura immediately seized her camera and got a photo. I am sitting next to my talented friend Deborah Mahnken.  
 Mario also was there to chat and his kitting is awe inspiring. As someone who has ran the vagabond to kit 20 kits, their output of 1000's is mind boggling. Throughout the 2 days these guys were super friendly and approachable and signed countless items and took many, many photos. Tim exemplifies the kind of teacher I want to be when I grow up. Although I think that his childlike enthusiasm might have something to do with his dynamic teaching...While my projects were almost finished in class I am slowly completing them. 1 out of 3 are finished so here is the one. It was the Pandemonium Quilt- aptly named for there was a lot going on in class. Mainly cause it was so much stinking fun. This project was jammed with technique and serves as a visual reminder of "what could I do next".

Of course I had to add shrinky dink Umbrella Man!

 The next time you have the opportunity to take Tim's classes seize it - well worth the price of admission!


  1. It is so nice to hear that Tim & Mario are as nice as they seem. And funny and generous! Yay!

    The quilt project - awesome texture and dimension! Love all the bits and pieces - so inspiring. I love the cork stamped ticket!

  2. Awesome Karen!! It was so fun being a part of this class with you. I love the picture by the way, can you email that to me? Mine came out blurry. :(
    I love the way your patchwork piece came out too, the owl is wonderful on it!!!



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