Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Life Journal Box

The challenge of project life can be coming up with photos for a spread on a week where I didn't write everything down. I always have the photos but sometimes not the details for a particular week. I started a "filler list" of stories, daily occurrence, or not date specific events to fill in if I don't have enough. Here is one of those photos. I took a picture of my sons walking home from morning swim practice. They did this almost every morning for 6 weeks so I could use it at anytime. What I love about the photo is they have no idea I am poised with my zoom lens to get a natural photo of them chatting as they make their daily journey. 
I created this journal box and used Echo Park paper "For the Record 2". I took some of the paper and added the stickers, photo and journal block-bam a daily snapshot memory.

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