Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This page took a long time to evolve, even though it is fairly simple. I had started by playing with a glimmer mist background. It sat like that for quite awhile. One day I was playing with my stencils & added the glimmer mist stencil circles. Sat, & sat. I wiped off some stamps on it which because they were a light color they blended into the background. It sat for months. Waiting for something...

This stamp set of Dyan Reaveley's apparently because this stamp spoke to me out loud & told me what my page needed!

Amazingly while most of Dyans products scream color to me this stamp looks amazing white. I added some Portfolio Oil Pastel around the edge & blended it in to add some depth. Next I invented my new most favorite technique. I'm sure other people have done it.... but I had never & I had never seen it so I am claiming it! I am not a good doodler-I am working on it, getting better, one day I may be awesome but today is not that day. I found a short cut that I love because I also am not great at lettering-yet.

I printed out the font from my computer -(I think it is Benny Bianco). I stamped right on top of the lettering with archival ink using the same stamp. It creates all these cool doodling spots!!! Next I cut the letters out & painted them with watercolor paint. Shazam awesome doodle letters! I adhered with decoupage glue- my favorite is Decoart- & outlined the left side & bottom of the letters with the oil pastel... It feels done but who knows? Maybe 2 months from now it will tell me it wants something else!

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  1. Great technique to create the letters...I thought it was a zentangle at first. Very cool!



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