Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Bit of Art Journal

This is a page from my November daily art journal I am still working on. I like the concept of daily art journaling but not sure I need one more pressure on me right now. I am working on a daily-ish smash book now to see which I prefer. It is more portable & can be done while waiting in car pool line.

This page was created with stamps & water color. I love the decorated tape in the middle. I made this book with water color paper & just glued it together. The tape keeps the ink, paint, whatever from leaking through to the other pages. Sometimes I use masking tape or tissue tape & hide it with gesso. Sometimes it becomes a part of the page. Got to love Michael' s $1 bins!!!!

Trying to lighten up on the load I seem to put on myself. Do you do that? Add things until your list is impossible & destined to fail. Yup trying to focus on what I am accomplishing instead of the old, long, never ending "to do list". In my daily agenda, for example I have a box of what I did get done-like today I blogged- yay celebrate the victory!!!

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