Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scrap Sprinting

This new sport was created out of frustration. I take a zillion photos a month & while I make at least 4 layouts a month for ScrapbooksPlus Dteam it is no where near enough. I am busy designing classes, & make n'takes, plus my new passion for art journaling. Where that leaves me is photos piling up. Hence the invention of "scrap sprinting". It involves sometimes extreme scraplifting so obviously these cannot be used for publication...but the whole goal is to get photos to layout. The rules are:
1)Find the scraplift layout fast-blog, book....
2) no more than 20 minutes per layout page. If the page needs drying time than work on another.
3)if you don't have the perfect embellishment, flower...substitute quick the clock is ticking.
4)remember the goal-to get photos on a layout-period.
5) Have fun doing it!

So here is the perfect example of scrap sprinting. The original layout is from Irene Tan who's work is awesome by the way. Her blog is scrapperlicious.

Here is my take on the layout which took 15 minutes-

Wham 1 photo done .9 zillion to go!

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