Monday, December 2, 2019

Christmas Junk Journal Part 3 with the Pocket Notebook.

Hello Inky Friends, I am here today with Christmas Junk Journal Part 3. Today I start working on the inside of the book focusing on 5 techniques to add some mix media fun & shiny details to your tags, pockets or cards. I also have a flip through video with more tips! I may have gotten carried away because this book is JAMMED with Joy.

Here is Book 1 of my Christmas Junk Journal Organizer. It is the journal portion of my December Daily which is a documenting concept by Ali Edwards. Every year I threaten to do DD & some years I get all the way past the 25th and some only to day 4. Most years I manage to buy an entire collection of paper & stuff though!!! I do always manage to document the story- usually just in a note book. 

Last year I did my journaling using The Journal die & added a few photos along the way. This book as you can see is not finished-opps. This year 2019 I am doing the same with the idea of printing out at least 1 photo a day that would not make the December Daily cut. Those random yet fun pics that are never printed. This way I have my story but also some pics & bonus get to use up some of my stash! 

There are 15+ papers plus tags & flip outs, folded that equals over 30 pages.

Here is a video flip through of my book! I start by showing the cover & then a flip through of Book #1- The December Journal. There are tips & tricks along the way explaining how I did things as well as part 2 which shows how I got those fabulous foiled snow flakes. I used a lot of Eileen's die cuts in this book!

I tried to do some batch crafting where instead of making 1 tag, assemble line 3... I thought for this blog post I would pick out 5 techniques & show you the fun! 

Technique 1: Epoxy Look- Die Cut & Emboss-this one is fairly self explanatory. I picked some different shapes, die cut them out of patterned paper, then heat embossed. Some were done with Eileen's clear Molten Glistening Glass & some with color. This flower is from Journal Card Flower & Leaves die cut. 

This is just a fun technique to do! Options are to distress the edges especially when using patterned paper, sprinkle glitter into the hot emboss. For this flower I added some of the Molten Golden Rod while my Glistening Glass was melted- just adds that wow factor. 

Look at how much better the deer on the left looks with the embossing added. This card also gets the wow factor with the Dec as a pull tab.  

Technique 2: Fun Pockets- Using the outline of the house from the House/Pocket die cut multiple patterned papers to use as pockets. 

You can either cut the paper in half or fold it in half & glue it on the edge of a page creating a pocket on either side of the page. Another idea is to actually create a house like the packaging & put it the middle of a signature as a double pocket.  

Technique 3: Decorative Napkins- Cover card stock with paper napkin using decoupage glue. Use this to create pockets, flips & tags  or background pages.

Technique 4: Foiled Accents-Make a sandwich of card stock, double sided adhesive & rub on a piece of foil. This one is a new favorite- Rainbow Shattered Glass. Cut out some Sizzix snowflakes by Tim Holtz. If you want a puffy image use Double sided foam instead.

*The lower snowflake I also added a layer of Glistening Glass emboss. Totally changes the look & now the foil is protected from scratching! The downside is you do lose the look of the shattered part of the foil.

Technique 5: Metallix- to add a touch of raised metallic shine. Grab your favorite Christmas stencil. To help keep stencil in place spritz with Pixie spray, wait a minute and now your stencil is sticky & will adhere to your paper. Scrape Metallix Gel on with a palette knife. 

Keep the gel level with the stencil to get a good crisp image. Set aside to dry. You can add details to tags, pockets, frames etc this way. Once it is dry highlight the letters with a paint pen. Hot Tip: Take your favorite die cuts & make your own stencil. 

This month the Eileen Hull Inspiration team are making Christmas projects or doing a roundup of favorite projects or both so check Eileen's blog every week for inspiration. If you haven't I highly recommend you join the Eileen Hull Fan club on Facebook, where she does weekly live teaching videos, it is just a great group of encouraging inspiring folks. Remember to answer the few questions to make sure you are not a spammer. 

Here is the cover that this book will slide into as I continue to build it. Here are the links:
Christmas Junk Journal Part 1- the Book Cover
"                           "      Part 2- Tags & Ephemera

Supply List:
Eileen Hull Pocket Notebook die by Sizzix, Journaling Words, Journaling Cards- Flowers & Leaves, House Pocket
"             " Molten Dimensions Embossing Powder by Emerald Creek 
ColorBlends Ink
Tim Holtz dies by Sizzix
Therm*O*Web Deco Foil, Metallix & Double Sided Adhesive. 

*Affiliate- some of these companies have given me product to use, play & experiment with. The ideas are my own but I tend to work with companies whose products I like so enjoy the inspiration. 


  1. Love this. Beautiful and such great ideas.

  2. Well missus you are truly a clever bunny with all those fab ideas for filling the gorgeous DD notebook! I love the embossing, the genius idea of using the House Pocket in half as a tuck spot and you've made me remember all that yummy Decofoil! Must play :) Thank you for sharing so much creative genius xx

  3. So many amazing techniques! AND video <3 Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas with us :-)

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