Friday, September 1, 2017

Star Wars Pocket using Eileen Hull's House Die

Wow I dare you to say that title 5 times fast! Today I am here with a Star Wars double planner pocket using the Eileen Hull's House die. I had a little too much fun making this & the geek in me is very excited with the result!

Not only that but it was super easy to do once I figured it out so you get the bonus of the easy how-to version.  

I found the most amazing Star Wars paper pad at Hobby Lobby. It is made by Disney. I was very excited to find this as you Geek fans know some shows are hard to find scrapbook supplies for. 

This technique will take no time at all & can be used in your journals, planners, or junque journals. On the left side I made a double sided tuck pocket. All you do is make 2 cuts of the scrapbook paper using the base of the house die. 

Take one of the pieces & cut about 1/4" above the bend in a diagonal. Adhere a strong glue on left side & bottom of the cut piece & adhere to the solid piece to make your pocket- easy peasy. Distress the edges if you like. 

Make a second pocket the same way & adhere the pockets back to back so you have a pocket on both sides. Here are the 2 papers I used before I put the pockets on. You can see the finished pocket below.

For the right side I made an envelope pocket. Cut 2 house backgrounds & then cut the triangle portion on only 1 of the pieces. You won't use this.

If you use a double sided card stock you can skip this step and simply add the pocket. Cut a 3rd house from a different piece of paper, this will be the inside of the pocket. This paper is a bit thin so adding the whole piece helps give it some stability. I glued the 2 full pieces, plain side together. I wanted to sew on my pocket portion (the rectangular piece) so I moved the adhesive from the edges so the needle wouldn't go through the glue. 

Punch a half circle in the rectangular piece and adhere to make the pocket. Sew using a machine or by hand around the edges.

Next step was to turn the 2 pocket pieces into one piece that can slide in my journal. I really wanted to use washi tape for this step but couldn't get my hands on Star Wars washi fast enough so I made it with paper. First cut out 2 pieces of paper, in this case the square black rebel alliance piece. Next, leave a bit of space between the pocket & envelope & adhere one square like in the picture above.Then flip the piece over & adhere the 2nd square lining them up. Finally add some ephemera. 

Now you can bend the piece and you have 2 pages. I printed some tickets from the internet to put in my pocket. I plan on putting photos or more ephemera in the pockets, maybe a quote from the movie on a tag. Do they make Star Wars stamps?

All that was left is to slip the pockets into my journal. If you want to see the original post on how I made my Fan Girl Journal (including my Star Wars booklet) using Eileen's journal die the original post is here.

Thanks for coming along on the ride with me. I hope you get a chance to play with this fun die!! Make sure you hop on over to Eileen's blog to see what the rest of the team is making this week. Cheers!


  1. Your journal is already a big hit with me and the new pocket inserts are an absolute delight, the House Pocket die is just so versatile! Love what you did here.

    Just recovering after the final episode of GOT for this season....! Hugs, Anne xx

    1. Thanks so much Anne! I know GOT finale was AMAZING but I can't believe we have to wait another over a year-arggggg

  2. This is epic Karen- love how you made both of them- and hinged so it slips inside the Journal! And GOT was Amazing!

    1. Thanks Eileen!! I know GOT was so good, epic!



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