Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Page From My Favorite Book #2

Awhile back I started My Favorite Book, an art journal featuring my favorite pictures along with some inky fun. You can see the first post here. I love working in this and keep it by my desk as a place to slap down extra paint or stencil work. I want to work in it more and to help that happen I have printed out a few photos and will put them in an envelope at the front of the book to make my process faster. The idea is to use stuff from my stash, that new cool stamp that doesn't quite go anywhere yet or what ever fun things I may have lying on my desk. 

This favorite photo was taken with my daughter when we were living in Vancouver, Canada. I love the colors and the memory that is attached to the photo. I played with Dyan Reveley's stencils and paint for this one. Love it! The journal spot is a post-it note. 
I added a tab on the side cause I love em! I will try to post more of these just for fun! Hope you are having a Happy Valentine's Day!

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