Monday, November 2, 2015

Christmas Time!!!!

No time to waste!!! As I seem to be missing months this year I for the safety of my sanity have decided to jump into the Christmas Spirit immediately. THIS WILL BE THE YEAR!!! I will be organized ahead of time & enjoy the holidays and the month of December's joy DAMN IT!!! Like most of my friends we scramble and jump and stress while the lovely spirit of Christmas becomes a big fat chore-to-do list. My illusions that I will spend time a week before Christmas in a mall bar sipping a Christmasy drink and enjoying watching people scramble, safe in the knowledge that I am fully ready have yet to be realized. Last year a group of friends signed up for my plan and NONE OF US WAS READY!!! In the wonderful spirit of that joy here is my Linnie Blooms post for the month.
Also in the spirit of getting things done this is my page for the wonderful The Documented Life Project. 
April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints)
April 25
Art Challenge:  Inks
Journal Prompt:  Before the Ink is Dry

I am embracing this weekly project and doing it when I can so while I am ions behind that is ok. (sssh I know this is an April prompt don't tell anyone) I am loving the times when I can play. Apparently I will have all kinds of time in December to catch up!!! To see the full tutorial on this page and be sure to check out her new Holiday canvas shape bundle, jump over to Linnie Blooms here. Enjoy!!!

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