Friday, January 23, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday #1

Hello!!! I have actually gotten quite a lot of art journal fun in the last couple of days. I find my goal of staying on top of 2 projects is really helping me make that happen. The first is Documented Life Project (see last post). The second is Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday class. I have been following this for years and every now & then would make a page, mainly doing my own thing. This is the first time I am working on following the prompts closely and there are a few reasons why I have decided to do this. The biggest is as a teacher and designer I am always creating my own pieces of art. It takes time and can be frustrating as I have to stay within certain parameters.  I realized sometimes I just need to be the student and follow so I can have brain free fun time. This new policy has worked for my first 2 weeks and has me invigorated to play more! Here is my week 1 layout.
I changed up the colors and used my word for the year which is "Energy". I have to say I love this page. Of course the photos don't do it justice. I used some Golden's Micaceous Iron Oxide which gave the page a gritty super fine glitter shimmer. This class has been great so far & I am loving just following along. You can check out info about the class here. There is a video if you scoll down the page. Donna has also set up a facebook page that has tons of inspiration.Come join us!

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  1. This looks awesome - it makes me want to touch it!



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