Friday, November 14, 2014

JYC- Day 21-25

Oh so close and yet suddenly it is half way (so not getting it) through NOVEMBER!!! How does this happen???? Here I was like- wohoo almost done with my JYC when I realize Journal Your Christmas starts in like 2 weeks. This is the perfect time to panic. 
Day 21-Back side of the pocket pages from day 20. The bottom one I cut out a piece of a Trader Joe's bag, recycling this craft paper with cool printed snow flakes. Some alcohol inked snowflakes and a snowman brad-love when I use my stash. Top pocket just has washi & photo with journaling right on the photo.
Day 22- This page was made from a Christmas gift bag. Again card craft paper but with glittery ornaments on it. Cute pics with my kids and my SIL's pugs. Some embellies-done.
 Day 23-back side of gift bag. Very simple just picture of my SIL, some journaling & embellies. This day I was mad at myself for not taking more photos. We spent the day at Archivers cropping. It was brilliant fun and very frustrating at the same time. I had driven 15.5 drive hours, 2 days to get to Wisconsin. It was my first time cropping at an Archivers and I hadn't seen my crop buddy in over a year. We were the only 2 in the crop room, just excited as busy Mom's, to have a day to ourselves. Within the first 30 minutes our lovely crop was smashed to bits. In came this couple with their 2 little kids aged like 2 & 4. They preceded to "work" on their family album which meant the kids ran around the room & the store being disruptive. The parents just let the kids run rampid and did that constant threat thing "if you don't settle down we are leaving" x 25. We tried to stay positive and just enjoy the day but as Mom's it made us nuts that these parents just let their kids be so raucous. Thinking about it the parents were very inconsiderate & loud as well so I guess it makes sense. Good luck when they are teenagers. To add insult to injury Archivers closed with out me being able to go back!!!! We still had a great day just chatting, lovely lunch and left early to go shop. When in doubt shop.
Day 24- Another pocket page. Just used some journal cards. and did some sewing on this one-yay. Sewed a pic to the outside of a vellum bag that was distressed. Added twill and cute light bulb pieces. in the pocket is another tag with more journaling. Cute blingy snowflake clothespin on the side.
Trumpets blaring...Christmas Day- Day 25!!! Back side of page pockets. Kept it pretty simple just adding pocket cards with photos and blingy snow flakes. What is it about Christmas that I need to add bling and glitter??? Love it though. The 25 card is from Heidi Swapps digital freebies (I think). I must say this process is getting me excited to start on JYC 2013 (I work a year behind). 'Tis almost the season!

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  1. Fabulous! Love the way you journal on your pictres! I keep thinking I need to do this...maybe...maybe not!



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