Wednesday, October 15, 2014

JYC 19- 20th

Oh boy I am getting close!! Here are another few days of my Journal Your Christmas Shimelle style!
For the 19th I used an envelope. One of the things I love about a cinch bound book is it is easy to add any kind of page. Just punch & go! I added some punched images under my photo mat. In the pocket is a tag with some more pictures & journal info. Today was space day at school so that is what my day is about. 
The 20th saw us enroute to Wisconsin for Christmas (never thought I would say that in a sentence). My sister-in-law moved there so we made the long 2 day drive to have a family holiday. Page left I added paper to the back of my envelope-with cool blingy red snowflakes. The great side effect to this was it gave my envelope some good reinforcement, I don't need to worry about it tearing from the binding.
For the right side I added a pocket page with a photo and project life card for the journal info. We were trying to avoid Winter Storm Draco. Another interesting twist to this day was the world was supposed to end at 3:11am for Armageddon. Luckily we dodged both the store and the destruction of Earth so it ended up being a pretty good day! I have a tag in the pocket with additional journaling. Love this project!

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