Sunday, August 10, 2014

More JYC in August!!!

Yes all forward movement continues to count. Day 11 & 12 follow! Scrap Wrap day is  one of my favorite days of the year. Usually when my Sister-In-Law & I plan it for Christmas Eve Day & we spend the day "scrap wrapping" our gifts while watching Christmas movies like Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Armageddon, Bond & the Bourne Series. We do also throw in Love Actually, Family Stone, etc so there is some Christmas involved. My husband plays role of bar back bringing us unique beverages & tasty treats.
Above is a picture of the prezzies under the tree the year 2012. We add all kinds of bling, bows, ornaments to our wrapping. Hence the title Scrap Wrap. This year we were in Wisconsin for the holidays so there were multiple days of wrapping as some packages had to be mailed.
Day 11: was basically pictures & stickers. Day 12: I made a pocket for a picture of my husband the day he was my scrap wrap partner pre-holiday.
 Sadly I didn't have a picture of my Sister-In-Law Dianna to add to the page- big photo gaf. Perhaps I will add one from the year previously! 
 Moving on- the next page I just put in the advant calendar with no info- kind of self-explanatory.
Day 13: was the first day my teenage boys had to shave. A must have to document! I took a large tag, covered it in holiday tissue paper-love that look. Added photos etc.
Day 14: Another page on what we did that day. This is my first year doing Shimelle's class and I am working on 1 year behind so I was going with what we did that day more than the prompts which while very cool & interesting I didn't have the photos or story for a lot of the time. Maybe next year. Took my son for his birthday movie. Conveniently The Hobbit arrived right around his birthday. We play hooky, have lunch & see the movie! Love this tradition!

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