Thursday, August 7, 2014

JYC con't.

Yes it is Christmas in August!!! I am working on getting my Journal Your Christmas book by Shimelle done by December & am rapidly running out of time. What I am actually doing is some major cleaning procrastination but the previous excuse still applies. I only have one page -Day 10 but all forward movements count. If you are really good I will do more in the next post!
Pretty simple page- photos, mat, washi and some stickers from my stash. Done. Shimelle's prompt for this day was "making a list". I did kids with a Grandma on one side and my list on the other.
I adhered an acrylic pattern paper to make a see-through pocket which holds my list. In theory-my list tags are blank but that is where my list will go!!! As soon as we start back up with next years book so I can find my list & re-write it. Yay!

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