Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SDC142 Use a Pen Challenge

A challenge is always a great way to force myself to get some playtime in. Spring is crazy for my family- 3 kids, different sports, coaching, teaching in 3 stores- def-com 10, some days we can barely get everyone where they need to be. Due to high school sports camps, going on Spring Break was not an option, so I took off time to play & recharge my creative batteries!!! I have discovered a cool mix media blog so I am doing their challenge as well. Mix Media Place has the challenge of using the word "Curiosity". I never have a problem "Embracing Curiosity" I love to learn, look around at what is going on and I am the one stopping to be curious while my kids are dragging me away. These words fit in perfectly with 2 of my favorite things- mermaids & octopus. Makes total sense to me!
The 2nd challenge is here at one of my favorite stamp sites, Stampotique doing their challenge. This week it was to use a pen. Super easy for me I always use pens, to doodle, outline, add words... 
Using a few of my favorite stamps- Daniel Torrente's Smushasha & Octopet- I always seem to reach for these 2, as well as hexagon by Jo Capper-Sandon. I painted my background using acrylics & lots of gold nummy metallic. Embrace was cardstock cut out with a stencil & curiosity was drawn using a stencil so if you are not good at writing out letters- use a stencil!!!
In this pic you can see the gold metallic sheen from the paint-love this! I used Jo's mushroom stamp for Smushasha to sit on- of course there must be mushrooms in the sea- or is she sitting in the forest?-hum curious! I painted her in using Silks beautiful luminous paints-great as they are translucent & let the cardstock I stamped her on show through, adding interest. Behind her I stenciled modeling paste & while a bit damp painted it with Silks to give it a pearl finish. Than while it was still wet I pushed some gems in to add sparkle. So go Embrace your Curiosity!!!


  1. Karen, this is just amazing, and I am so glad that you took some time for yourself! It surely is a difficult schedule you maintain as a family. Thanks so muc for participating in the Stampotique Designers' Challenge this week!

  2. A busy life going on with your family..... Love your choice of stamps a couple of my favourites as well..... Thank you for joining us at the stampotique designers challenge

  3. Vibrant bold colors and great choice of stamps! Thank you for joining the MMP challenge!



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