Friday, April 18, 2014

JYC Days 7-9.

I am currently on Prednisone for a wrecked shoulder. It has interesting side effects like making me super speedy & putting my already racing artistic brain on fast forward. The good news is I am getting a ton done! Although the constant overdrive I am sure cannot last- I don't know when I am going to crash but for now my to do list has a dent in it!!!!
Ok Day7 of my Journal your Christmas- the backside of the pocket pages. Shimelle's prompt is "Sensory Overload" totally appropriate for my current state of mind.
However on Day 7 just a few random pictures that I wanted to include in the book.  

  The front side of Day8 is a pretty cool embossed Christmas card I had received that I wanted to include. It was perfect the way it was but I added a little heart "handle". 
Shimelle's prompt was trees but as I had already done that I went to an earlier one on planning. This was one of the nice benefits of this class- if I didn't have a photo for that day I could go to the prompts for inspiration. Just a simple tag added to a cardstock attached to the back of my previous pages card.  I am trying to keep some of the pages simple which is hard with so much fun embellishments around.

Shimelle's prompt today for Day 9 is "Sweet Treats" I kept it down to just a few which now as I write this I wish I had added more. Simple page with some some glittery stickers. The most exciting thing is that as I do my blog I am now posting the pictures into Shimelle's forum too- yay "all forward movement counts".

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