Friday, April 5, 2013

Follow Up Friday #4

Hi all it has been a crazy couple of weeks before, during & after spring break-hectic, hectic. I dragged my family home to Montreal to see the Granparents, & ski. I even got to take a Donna Downey class- fun, fun. Coming home I was slammed catching up. 3 kids in sports makes for some scrambling! Having lost the mojo, yesterday I just started arting for fun. I have 2 classes I am supposed to be designing but I decided I needed to just play. I am so glad I did. The challenge with teaching what you love is it becomes a job and I start fading off into other areas. So this play brought me right back where I need to be. I have wanted to do more collage for awhile & also to do more doodling. Here is my Follow Up Friday page:

I am currently taking the online class 21 secrets- an annual class with 21 teachers dedicated to teaching about art journaling in it's various forms. As a technique junkie/teacher it is sometimes hard for me to learn new things, or the teacher's style is very different...I have adopted the philosophy to try hard to find a way to incorporate what I am seeing into my style, or just be inspired to work on my personal art. Sometimes I just work on something completely different than my video "friend". The goal is to learn but if the material is not new to me I can still be inspired. My first class was with Cathy Bluteau. You can check out here video on what she does in class here. 
I have wanted to work on collage more, using my Copic markers for more than just coloring in stamps and to do more doodling. I was able to do all 3 on this aj page. My piece turned out a lot different than Cathy's which is great,the idea being to incorporate the inspiration!
I did this in my quote book so my background was printed paper. I adhered 2 pages together creating a spot for a pocket in which I put a tag from my wipe-up stash. This made me ridiculously happy using up supplies-yay. 

A lot of the collage pieces came from scrapbook paper and a stamp. This page turned out different than some of my regular work even though I used most of the same techniques, I used them in a different way.  I couldn't figure out a way to put my quote on the page without wrecking it so I put it on the tag.
The back of the tag I journaled how this quote reflects my parenting style.Thanks to Cathy for being my Follow Up Friday Inspiration! You can find her blog here.

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  1. Yes it is different...but I love it! Glad you were take inspiration from somebody who's style is so different from yours...and make it work. Love the quote!



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