Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project Life Journal Cards

 I was playing with my Stampotique stamps & decided to make some journal cards. Super easy-paper, some stenciling & a stamp.
  I have a stack of these ready to go when I need them. This is also a fun way to play with new stamps when you get them home.
I use them for scrapbook layouts & now project life- also a quick way to customize my journal cards. Imagine all the possibilities!


  1. I love Project Life although I'm so far behind on it. Great journal inserts.

  2. Fab jounaling cards! I'm going to start on PJ next year. Thanks for the inspiration. XOXO

  3. Great idea! What was it you said the other day about using stamps to put them in your mental inventory?

  4. According to Donna Downey until you actually use a stamp it is not in your mental inventory. That is why when I go through my stamps I find these awesome ones I love but I haven't ever used them. They are in a box forgotten. If you use them even once they can pop up in your mind when you are doing a project but an unused stamp you won't recall.
    Hope that helps!

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