Saturday, November 3, 2012

Class with Dina

 In September my best bud Suzie- My Time To Play - & I journeyed to NYC to take a class with Dina Wakely at the Ink Pad. Here is the inky fun layout I did about the class. It is taken on Hipstamatic so the quality is funky (love it). What I really like about this layout was I took photos of my background that we did in class and printed them out on paper, than lined them up on the left hand side of the layout. I also took a business card from the store, distressed it & than burned the edges-totally love this!!!! I have a feeling I will be burning more in the future. Of course being safety girl I had water at the ready so as not to burn down my scraproom! The photos were taken by Suzie. We had a great time in the class & learned how to make the cutest book. In fact my 8yr old Trinny & I have been working on another one together. Dina did a great job teaching, and Suzie got her hands covered in ink. What more could you ask for?

1 comment:

  1. Yes I did get all inky and it was very traumatic! But it was sooo much fun and I learned tons from Dina!



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