Thursday, June 14, 2012

From Stress to Bliss!

I was very stressed this morning & decided to just jump in & do Donna Downey's Mega Moleskin video. You can find it here.

OH MY GOSH! I could feel the stress melting away the more covered in paint I got. I was skeptical about using my fingers-not because I don't like getting inky, just thought a brush would do the job. Wow-fingers are the best! My end result was a little different than hers, mainly because I started branching off towards the end. Love when that big artistic light bulb goes off.

 The funny thing is I never understood the quote by Leonardo da Vinci until this moment. "Art is never finished, only abandoned". I had to force myself to stop. There was always a spot that needed more work or smoothing or a different color. Problem is I don't have 10 days to work on this piece, a couple of hours was already pushing it.

Anyway such a fun time, ready to go get more work done but feeling light hearted & almost giddy! So go get some finger painting on!

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