Monday, May 15, 2017

An Artul Adventure with Nathalie Kalbach.

I am participating in a free class, Artful Adventures by Nathalie Kalbach.
It is a wonderful idea about taking photos while "strolling through the hood" & documenting with photos where you live. It is a 30 day challenge & will also give ideas about how to use your photos in your art. There are also artist interviews which are really great to listen to. Click on the link above for a video explaining this class. I will take you on the first 5 days of my stroll.
photo of garden pots on stone patio lots of roses, pinks, purples & white azaleas
Day 1: Home - My Garden Oasis

 Let's Take Some Photos!

I encourage you to come & play. Everyday we are posting a picture based on a prompt in Instagram. I love using the Hipstamatic app which allows me to change the camera lens & film giving all kinds of different effects. Most of my photos are taken using this app. It is just too much fun to play with! 

photo of dark rainy sky, cars at a green light stopped in traffic
Day 2:Transportation


I Spend A Lot of Time in Traffic

I decided I wanted to go a step further & create a book to put my pics in. I realized as I was taking my photos, there is more to the story than just the picture. The photos are creating a story of their own. Making a journal book to document the photos I take seemed a logical step. Plus I am an expert in taking something simple like posting a photo every day on Instagram & turning it into something complicated! 

sepia tone photo of the side of a lacrosse goal showing the pole & net with trees in the background
Day 3: Fence


Don't Fence Me In!

We don't have a fence in our yard and other than people's personal fences there aren't that many of note in the neighbourhood. What's a girl to do? How about a play on the word fence?  My daughter is a lacrosse goalie and we have a net in the backyard. How about defense as in de-fence! Brilliant & to really tie it in the net looks like chain link which is used for, you guessed it fences!

black & white photo of a metal mailbox in a bed of flowers
Day 4:Mailbox


What's In Your Mailbox?

My mailbox it kind of dinged up & could use a refresh but who has time for that? It is so far down on the list of things to do it doesn't even make the list. There is of course a story to go with it as with most of my life. One of our good friends dinged it up while backing out of our driveway. She of course was mortified. I kind of like that my mailbox has a story. 


walkway at night with solar lights in a ray pattern
Day 5: Shine


Let Your Light Shine On

Last One for today is a photo of one of the lights on my walkway. My husband added these cool solar lights that make a sun ray pattern. Love it! At this point I realize I am not really strolling through my hood, more like strolling around my house. I will be now venturing our into my neighbourhood for the next set of pics!

I hope you check back here on the 17th to see a post on my journal book. I make a lot of books but there are a couple I really want to get into working on the inside!!! You know in my "spare" time. The post will also show a tutorial on playing with Deco Foil by *therm.o.web. Until then I hope to see you on #artfuladventures thanks Nathalie for offering this free class!!!


  1. What a great post and I love the stroll you take me on through your hood!

    1. Thank you so much Nathalie!! I am loving this class.

  2. I loved taking a stroll with you and seeing your neighbourhood. And making a journal of all your pictures is an inspirational idea.

    1. Thanks Frieda! It is such a great idea to photograph these prompts. I plan on getting out of my backyard soon!

  3. What fabulous photos and a brilliant idea for using one of the journals, now if only I could take a stroll lol - but I have got some photos of my walks that I could go back to. Off to have a look at the class xxx

    1. Yes!! Strolling right now may be a tad difficult for you. Maybe someone could roll you around in a shopping cart! That would be fun too. I hope you get good news at the MD!

  4. I really should try this! Such a fun idea!

    1. Yes I think you can still join up & it is free!

  5. So cool. I love the idea. Will love to come back and see the finished product.



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