Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Is My Favorite Number!

Working on week # 9 in Documented Life Project -here is a quick post on the art journal page created.
February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 28
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a  High Five

I scramble to get through April & somehow smell the roses while not losing my mind or forget some important task. I survived running a 129 elementary/middle school kid drama camp, my Senior has a lead in the school musical which means heavy volunteering, my youngest is in her school play at the same time-Peter Pan (sure I can whip up a mermaid costume) and my middle son made States for rowing. All the events converge in one weekend May 9&10. Will I make it? Needless to say there is no room for art or any type of frivolity. The auction prize scrapbook page I am working on sits on my desk. Ah the life of a "stay-at-home" mom. If I am staying at home how come there is 2 days of dishes in my sink????? Oh happiness on with the page:
This is totally different for me- look at all that white space!!! My 5 layers are:
Modeling paste/ stencil
gelli paper glued down
an embellishment- which has 5 layers! See how I did that?

The number 5 is my favorite number so my slight journaling reflects that. Loving DLP just wish I had more time right now!!! May 10th is Mothers Week-thats right if teachers get a week why shouldn't we? As a mass amount of activities conveniently end on the 9th I will have a week of art play!!!! What are your plans for Mothers Week?

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  1. Miss you at DLP! Hope you survived Mothers week!
    JaneAnne at DLP



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