Monday, August 6, 2012

Junk Travel Book

Traveling On vacation I really wanted to create some of my travel book while I was there. Part of vacation time for me is working on my personal projects & enjoying the freedom that creates. The inky goodness needs to be portable, quick and easy so I can snatch some me time in between vacay fun. I found this project on Ronda Palazzari's bloq & thought it was just perfect for my trip. Especially because I started it ahead of time, well the night before! This project has the junk book look & feel. Like Ronda, I also started with a moleskin book & covered it with the new super cool Trader Joe's recycle bag that had the perfect theme for my Florida trip! The cover will be finished last & I plan on using the handle from the bag as a wrap around closer strap. Here are the pages I have so far:


To print out the photos in the mixed sizes, I copied the photos to a publisher page & re-sized them and then printed them out. I tried not to get too picky about sizing & page layout just had fun slapping ink on the pages, printing in various sizes. The goal was to just have fun and get the memories on the pages!

I brought random ephemera, inks, stencils & stamps. My new favorite obsession is washi tape so I brought beachy colors & natural that I can color. You will notice the themes can be random-for example my beach page has Tim Holtz stamps on it from his bitty grunge set-not a fish in sight but I think it works as the ink colors are beachy. Same thing with my Imagine page- gears & bricks not so much association with the beach but to me it works because of the ink colors, just adds an edgy, cool feel to it. I had soooooo much fun playing in this book in fact I gotta go "spend travel recovery day" playing in it!!! Later!

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  1. I love the Beach Page...with all the mini-grunge stamps in the background, but I think my favorite is the Kayaking Mishap pages. I love the lettering. How did you do that?



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